10 clever tricks to organise your wardrobe

Are you looking for bedroom cupboard ideas? Owning the right wardrobe and bedroom cupboards is the first step to keeping your clothes and accessories organised. You can look for the right wardrobe for sale on Junk Mail.

tips for organising your wardrobe

Once you find the perfect bedroom cupboard designs, you will need some advice on how to organise it properly. Here are our top ten tips for organising your bedroom cupboards and wardrobes.

1. Find the right wardrobe for sale

If you want to organise your clothes, you will first need to find the right wardrobes for sale. Wardrobe designs should be both functional and aesthetically appealing. So when you are reviewing the different wardrobes you will need to determine which one best meet your requirements.

Choosing a design that offers both hanging and shelf space is a good choice. If you already have built-in bedroom cupboards, a wardrobe can offer you additional space for your clothes. The more space you have, the easier it is to display everything clearly. In this case you will need to match the style of your wardrobe to your bedroom cupboard designs.

wardrobe for sale

2. Get rid of unused clothes in the cupboard

We all have clothes in our cupboard that we don’t wear or that don’t fit us anymore. The first step to organising your wardrobe is to declutter. Once you have removed all the unnecessary items it will be easier to organise the clothes that you want to keep and implement your creative bedroom cupboard ideas.

Go through your cupboard and remove any garments that you haven’t worn for a long time. This is a great way to clean out your wardrobe. You can donate the clothes that you don’t need to people who are less fortunate than you. Not only will you have an organized closet but you will also be doing a good deed.

3. Sort your Wardrobes and Cupboards by Season

Once you have eliminated unnecessary clutter a great starting point is to sort your clothes into summer and winter garments. As we are going into winter you can store your summer items away for use during the hotter months. This will leave more space in your wardrobes for your winter outfits. Winter garments can include jackets, jerseys, tights and stockings.

4. Colour Co-ordination

Once you have separated all your winter clothes and stored your summer garments you can further organise your bedroom cupboards by colour. Not only does this make your wardrobe look good, it also makes it easier to choose outfits. When you are mixing and matching different colours it is easier to choose the right colour combinations if your wardrobe is properly organised.

sort your bedroom cupboards by colour

5. Decide which garments to hang or fold

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you in terms of optimising your bedroom cupboard designs is deciding what to hang and what to fold. When you are sorting out your closet you should hang pants and skirts. You can also hang shirts, jackets and suits. Jerseys should be folded so that they don’t lose their shape. T-shirts and jeans can also be folded. Make sure you hang and fold your clothes neatly so that your wardrobe looks good. A great tip for hangers is to buy padded hangers for clothes that are more delicate. This prevents the item from losing its shape. You can use slender hangers to create more space in your wardrobe.

6. Get the hang of your belts, scarves and ties

Separate your belts, scarves and ties from your clothes. Having these items all in one place prevents you from having to rummage through your wardrobe to find them. Not only does this save time, but it also prevents you from disturbing the rest of your clothes when you are searching for items that you can’t find. You can save space by installing a door rack or finding wardrobes for sale with door racks already installed. Keep your ties, scarves and belts on the rack.

wardrobe designs and layout ideas

7. Put socks and underwear in the drawers

Some cupboards and wardrobe designs offer drawers, which are perfect for storing smaller items. When on the lookout for a wardrobe for sale, try and see if you can find one with drawers. Alternatively, you can also buy drawers separately, just make sure that they will fit your wardrobes. Putting all your smaller items in one place makes them easier to find. Keep sock pairs together by rolling or folding them. If there are any socks without pairs, get rid of them. You can also keep stockings folded in your drawers.

8. Wardrobe Designs with a Shoe Rack

Get creative with your wardrobe or cupboard by making use of a shoe rack. Putting all your shoes on a rack helps save space while protecting your shoes. Organising your shoes makes them easier to see so that you can find the right shoes for your outfit. Put each pair together so you don’t end up searching for a matching pair when you are trying to get ready. If you are storing shoes on a shelf, you can save space by alternating the direction of the shoes. Using this method one partner of a pair will be facing forward and the other backwards.

drawers for your bedroom cupboard designs

9. Remove non clothing items

Other great bedroom cupboard ideas we can give you is not to keep non-clothing items in your wardrobes. This area must be reserved for garments and accessories. By having all the items that you need to put an outfit together in one place, it is easier to get ready. Without any distractions from non-clothing items it is easier to find what you are looking for.

10. Put your favourite items in a high visibility spot

Keep the clothes that you wear the most in a prime position in your bedroom cupboards. This makes them easy to access when you are getting ready in a hurry.

wardrobe designs

Now that you have all of these stunning bedroom cupboard ideas, you can start organising your clothes more effectively. Finding the right wardrobe for sale is the first step to having an organised space to keep your clothes, so start the hunt by browsing through the awesome deals on Junk Mail. Selling your wardrobes? Place your FREE AD on www.JunkMail.co.za now!

10 clever tricks to organise your wardrobe
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10 clever tricks to organise your wardrobe
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