10 Cool Kitchen Appliances for Hot Summer Days

Summer is most definitely here and, with hot summer days approaching, we wanted to give you some hot kitchen appliances to help keep you cool this summer. If you are in the market for great deals on some awesome kitchen appliances, be sure to browse through the Household Category on Junk Mail!

ice cream

An Ice Cream Maker

Most of us adore a cold treat on hot summer days and what better to cool you down this summer than some homemade ice cream?

There are a couple of good brands if you are on the lookout for an ice cream maker. The KRUPS Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker is a semi-automatic, pre-freeze maker that has a bowl capacity of 1.6 litres. Priced at around R 1000 at retailers like Yuppie Chef, this machine produces 1 litre of ice cream.

A more affordable option comes in the form of the Mellerware Deluxe Ice Cream Maker. Priced at around R 600, these makers have a 1.5 litre capacity and produces 600 millilitres of ice cream. Here you get a detachable aluminium isolated cooling bowl, a transparent lid for adding those yummy ingredients and a reversible thermostat.

ice cream maker

Image Source: Mellerware South Africa Website.

You can also opt for the Safeway Soft Serve maker available at Clicks for around R 590. With a 1.2 litre capacity this maker is great for the kids (and for ice cream enthusiasts like this writer).

Once you have your maker, you can try out some delicious recipes, but be sure to shop around for the best prices. Some of these machines go up to R 9500, but for home use (and if you are not a master Chef) this will be a bit of overkill. So stick to the more affordable brands or find an ice cream maker on Junk Mail to put your ice cream making abilities to the test.

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A Water Dispenser

Keeping hydrated during the summer is important. Giving everyone (including the kids) clean, cold drinking water on-the-go is always a plus and makes a great addition to any home – whether you are a bachelor or family man.

With various brands available on the market in South Africa, you can choose from floor standing water coolers and countertop models, to full-on water filtration systems at prices that are not totally insane. You can learn more about the stunning options available in SA by reading our “Your water dispenser needs ful’filled’ with these brands” post.

Some of the cool options available include the Salton Hot and Cold Table Top Dispenser. Priced at around R 2000 at retailers like Makro, this compact little beast is a stunning addition to your small kitchen appliances.

water dispenser

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

You can also opt for a more affordable option like the Sunbeam Water Filtration System. With a 19 litre capacity, this water dispenser and filtration system is priced at around R 700 at retailers like Yuppie Chef.

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A Juicer for healthy drinks

Picture a hot summer day relaxing with a fresh juice of your choice. Great for the kids and for you, finding a Juicer for sale is a great option not only just for hot summer days. These nifty kitchen appliances are great for making yummy juice that the whole family can enjoy.

The Russell Hobbs Juice Maker is a reasonably priced machine at R 1000 (at places like Yuppie Chef). It features a two speed rotary blade, and extra-large chute for big chunks of fruit (or vegetables) and an easy assembly (and disassembly for washing).

juicer for sale

Image Source: Yuppie Chef Website.

Another great option is the Defy Juice Extractor priced at around R 1000 (at retailers like Makro). It has two speed settings, a pulp collector and a beautiful black and silver finish.

You can also check out some other brands like Braun, Homemak and Phillips. While they do carry a rather heavy price, keep in mind that these appliances are great for making healthy drinks throughout the year. Also, if you are considering finding a juicer for sale, Junk Mail features great and more affordable options, so go check those out.

Icy Ice Makers

Nothing is cooler than having ice on hand on hot days. As with the other kitchen appliances on our list, ice makers for sale are a great addition to your kitchen. Whether the family is hanging out by the pool or friends are enjoying the game, ice is a very valuable commodity.

The Sunbeam Ice Maker (priced at around R 3000) produces between 12 and 15 kilogrammes of ice in 24 hours. Great for a bar area or the kitchen, it has a 2.8 litre water tank and an 800 gram ice storage capacity.

The Elegance Ice Machine is also a good option and is a little better priced at around R 2200. Able to produce 14 kilogrammes of ice in 24 hours, it has a 700 gram ice bucket and a two litre water tank capacity.

ice machine

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

You can even include a nifty Ice Crusher to the mix to make the perfect cocktails and icy drinks for the kids. If you are considering ice makers for sale, you can save a couple of bucks by browsing through the ice machines listed on Junk Mail!

Get a Yogurt Maker

If you or the kids have a love for yogurt, investing in a Yogurt Maker might be a stunning idea. Great with your healthy morning muesli, your smoothie or just as a snack on its own, you can make your own fresh (and cool) yogurt with a Yogurt Maker.

The Severin Yogurt Maker from Yuppie Chef (priced at around R 600) allows you to have control over what goes into your yogurt. Acting as an incubator, these kitchen appliances come with seven 150 ml jars.

yogurt maker

Image Source: Yuppie Chef Website.

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Mmmm Milkshake Maker

Whether you have kids or, are like this writer, a BIG milkshake enthusiast, a milkshake maker is one of the more awesome appliances out there. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold creamy treat on a hot summer day?

A milkshake and slush maker (cocktails anyone?) in one, the Sunbeam branded Milkshake and Drink Maker is a great (and more affordable) option for your kitchen. Priced at around R 390 (at places like Yuppie Chef) this electric milkshake and drink maker is easy to clean, and a stainless steel cup. From coffee and health drinks to cocktails and smoothies, you are covered.

delicious milkshakes

Remember that you can also make milkshakes with blenders, so if you are thinking of finding blenders for sale on Junk Mail, you might not want to buy a milkshake maker as well.

A Food Dehydrator for healthy snacks

If you want to make your own healthy snacks at home without all the added sugars, fats, salts and preservatives, a dehydrator is a great option. Although pricy, these are however good investments if you or the kids love dried fruit (or even biltong).

The Ezidri Snackmaker Dehydrator (priced at around R 3500 at Yuppie Chef) allows you to make yummy dried snacks from the comfort of your kitchen. Get creative with this machine that uses a combination of air circulation and heat to produce everything from herbs to dried grapes.

If you are looking for a way more affordable option, the Mellerware Biltong King and Fruit Dehydrator is a great option. Priced at around R 400 at various retailers, this food dehydrator is great for everything from making your own biltong to yummy dried fruits.

healthy snacks

Be sure to check out our “How to make your own biltong” post for some great tips!

Get a Blender for cool drinks

Blenders are great for everything from making dips to icy cold drinks for kids and adults alike. When it comes to blenders for sale on Junk Mail, you can choose between either a jug blender or a stick blender – depending on your needs, both work great.

A great affordable option is the Sunbeam Stick Blender priced at around R 250 at retailers like Makro. With two speed settings you will be making cool summer drinks in no time. You can also opt for the Bosch Slim Hand Blender priced at around R 750. With a measuring cup included, it is light and you can blend and chop to your heart’s content.

When it comes to these appliances, jug blenders are also reasonably priced. The Russell Hobbs 1.75 L has a price tag of around R 800 and has five speeds with pulse function. Another option is the Phillips Daily Blender priced at around R 600 that features multiple speeds for both hard and soft ingredients.

hand blender

Image Source: Yuppie Chef Website.

With these blenders you will be making everything from smoothies to cocktails in no time. You can even test out your ice cream maker or yogurt maker results by getting creative with your blender.

Be sure to read our “Blenders for delicious summer recipes” post for more information on the different branded blenders for sale.

A Waffle Maker to go along with your homemade ice cream

Though a waffle maker produces something that is hot, making your own waffles is always (deliciously) fun. It will even give you the chance to try out your homemade ice cream 😛

With a price tag of around R 210 at Clicks, the Safeway Belgian Waffle Maker with non-stick plates is a hot addition to your kitchen appliances. Salton also offers a maker priced at around R 400 at various retailers. With a beautiful, flower-like shape, it also features an adjustable thermostat, a 20 centimetre cast aluminium baking plate and a non-stick coating.

Other great brands you can also look at here includes Sunbeam, Prima One, Kitchen Craft and Graef.

delicious waffles

Beverage Dispenser

Imagine a beautiful, ice-filled beverage dispenser filled with whatever drink you just whipped up in the kitchen next to the pool or on the patio on a hot summer day.

The Glass and Beverage Dispenser with Infuser (so be sure to add fresh fruits or cucumber) is an eight litre dispenser with an infuser allowing you to create tasty, cold drinks. With a price tag of around R 560, these are functional and beautiful. If you are looking for a more affordable option, the Mason Glass Dispenser is priced at around R100 and comes with a fitted tap for easy pouring.

Beverage Dispenser are great for everything from a braai to kids’ parties, so why not find a great deal on Junk Mail?

beverage dispenser with tap

There you have it – 10 of the coolest kitchen appliances and accessories for hot summer days. Did we miss any of your favourite appliances? Let us know in the comment section below and tell us why you love them.

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10 Cool Kitchen Appliances for Hot Summer Days
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10 Cool Kitchen Appliances for Hot Summer Days
Summer is most definitely here and, with hot summer days approaching, we wanted to give you some hot kitchen appliances to help keep you cool this summer.
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