10 Designer summer gardens to inspire you

Summer is here! That means sunny days and lazy leisure in the garden…Is your garden ready for summer to enjoy by yourself or with your family?

Don’t worry if yours isn’t exactly a green haven right now. With a bit of inspiration, you can turn yours into a wonderful, lush, neat space you can enjoy all summer long.

Here are 10 summer gardens that can give you some great ideas for your own:

Designer-Garden-Number-1 Designer-Garden-Number-10 Designer-Garden-Number-9 Designer-Garden-Number-8 Designer-Garden-Number-7 Designer-Garden-Number-6 Designer-Garden-Number-5 Designer-Garden-Number-4 Designer-Garden-Number-3 Designer-Garden-Number-2

Inspired, but not really a big gardener yourself? Look for garden services from landscaping companies on Junk Mail, and get yours fit for summer in no time!

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