10 Facts About The Internet in 2010

The Internet has become a part of our daily lives in recent times. It has grown substantially in recent years and 2010 was no exception. Not even the founders of this global system of interconnected computer networks could have anticipated its growth when it was first launched publicly in the mid 1990s. The Internet has truly become part of our daily routine.

Here are 20 Facts you might not have known about the Internet in 2010:

  1. There were an estimated 107 trillion e-mails sent by 1.88 billion internet users in 2010 (at a rate of about 294 billion a day).
  2. As of December 2010 there are an estimated 255 million websites on the internet. More than 21 million websites were added to the World Wide Web in 2010 alone.
  3. According to June 2010 estimates there are 1.97 billion internet users worldwide.
  4. According to 2010 estimates there are 825 million Internet Users in Asia, 475 million in Europe, 266 million in North America and 110 million in Africa.
  5. There are a total of 152 million blogs on the Internet (according to BlogPulse).
  6. Over 25 billion Tweets were sent on the popular micro-blogging service Twitter in 2010.
  7. An estimated 100 million people joined Twitter in 2010 and according to estimates there were 175 million users on Twitter by September 2010.
  8. At the end of 2010 Facebook had an estimated 600 million users. More than 250 million created a Facebook account in 2010.
  9. Microsoft Internet Explorer is still the most used Internet Browser. 46.9% of Internet users made use of it in 2010. Mozilla Firefox is the 2nd most used browser on the internet. 30.8% of Internet users made use of it in 2010.
  10. In 2010 over 2 billion videos were viewed per day and more than 35 hours of video was uploaded per minute on the popular video sharing website YouTube.

We trust that you have found these facts interesting. If we’ve left out something important about the Internet in 2010 please comment on this post and make us aware of it. Feedback is appreciated and welcome on any post on the Junk Mail blog.

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