10 garden and landscaping tips for small areas

Do you have a small garden or courtyard? There are plenty of strategies that you can use to spruce up your outdoor space. With some extra attention, you can create a comfortable outdoor area to enjoy during the warmer months. Find affordable pots, plants, and gardening equipment on Junk Mail today.

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1. Stick to a single style and use the right landscaping materials

Know what style you would like to incorporate and whether it will compliment your house. Choose a maximum of three landscaping materials and use them consistently throughout your garden. You can match the landscaping materials to the materials your house is built from. This will help make the space feel larger.

2. Use large pots and avoid clutter

Invest in a few large pots and fill them with a variety of plants. If you have lots of small pots, it can make the area seem cluttered. Choose the same type of pots for a stylish look you’ll love. By reducing the clutter in your outdoor area, it will make your garden seem bigger.

3. Don’t make use of too many colours

Using too many colours in your garden will make the space feel cluttered. Use neutral colours with a few accent colours. This includes plants, furniture, walls, art, etc. Also, be consistent with the neutral colours you use.

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4. Add mirrors in your garden

Create a sense of spaciousness in your garden by adding mirrors. Not only do mirrors make your outdoor space appear bigger, but they also add interest to your garden. When properly positioned, they can maximise on the natural light. Position the mirrors so that they reflect your plants, which are the most attractive aspect of your garden.

5. Build a vertical garden

Working in a confined space? A vertical garden is a simple solution to small outdoor spaces. You can build your garden up a wall, which creates an attractive feature, or build it on pallets so you have the ability to move them around. You can repurpose an old ladder to create vertical shelving outdoors. Once you’ve got the structure right, you can add small pot plants and baskets to your vertical garden.

Vertical garden
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6. Vary the heights of your plants

Just because you have a small garden, doesn’t mean that you should only buy small plants. Add in taller plants and draw people’s attention upwards. Creepers also give your garden a new dimension by growing across arches and over walls. You can plant smaller trees that will create a focal point, but not take up so much space that it will make the area feel smaller.

7. Add blue plants to the borders

Plant blue flowers at the edges of your outdoor area to create a sense of space. Blue fades into the distance, similar to the horizon. Lavender and agapanthus are the perfect choices for this purpose. Avoid planting red flowers at the borders as they have the opposite effect by appearing to be closer than they really are. This tip will depend on the style you’re going for and the colours you want to incorporate.

blue flowers
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8. Divide up your space

Dividing up spaces gives your garden a cleaner look and focal points instead of letting everything flow into one area.

9. Combine storage and style

You can create stylish benches that serve as storing and seating space while still suiting the style of your garden. You can also decide on the dimensions and build it to suit your garden perfectly.

10. Include a birdbath in your garden

A birdbath can be a nice accent to your garden, even if it’s a small one, and it also serves a much bigger purpose. As humans, we tend to focus on what we like and want and forget about nature. This addition is about sharing your beautiful garden with birds, bees, and other insects. It gives them the opportunity to drink water so that they can carry on with their day. You can use the birdbath as a focal point and even make it part of a water feature.

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Implement our tips and transform your small garden into a relaxing outdoor area where you can soak up the sunshine. Visit Junk Mail today to find affordable pots, plants, and gardening equipment.

10 garden and landscaping tips for small areas
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10 garden and landscaping tips for small areas
Do you have a small garden or courtyard? With some extra attention, you can create a comfortable outdoor area to enjoy during the warmer months.
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