10 Global Internet Facts for 2011

The Internet is your best friend, don’t deny it? The Internet has quickly made in routes into each and everyone of our lives thanks to mobile phones, tablets and PC’s. It simply can’t be ignored anymore…. the Internet is taking over. It only took the internet 4 years to reach 50 million users globally (and industry experts were worried about the digital divide). It took radio broadcasters 38 years and television broadcasters 13 years to reach the same number of users.

An updated infographic about the State of the Internet in 2011 was released recently on this website. The infographic highlights many interesting things about the web, social media and other related internet topics.

Here are some interesting facts we picked up from this infographic:

  1. Syria, Saudia Arabia, Burma and North Korea are listed as the World’s biggest enemies of the internet. Reasons given for this range from “No Internet Access” to “Widespread Censorship”.
  2. Sweden and South Korea are listed as 2 of the countries with best quality internet globally. In Sweden users enjoy the same speeds for mobile and fixed line broadband. In South Korea citizens enjoy the best quality broadband in the world (with a average internet latency of only 47 milliseconds and readiness for high-definition Internet TV and video conferencing).
  3. The Internet is growing at an exceptional rate (more than 380 new users per minute). About 14 new websites are being created every minute.
  4. There are currently about 1.97 billion users globally. But there is still room for growth since only 20% of individuals in developing countries are online and there are 6 billion people on planet earth.
  5. According to the website there are 152 million blogs on the Internet.
  6. Facebook is the king of social networking with more than 600 million users. There are other sources that claim that this number is over 750 million already though. Either way Facebook is still the 3rd largest country on planet Earth.
  7. Twitter has 200 million users globally. According to the study 119 million Tweets are being sent daily.
  8. YouTube has been world’s 2nd biggest search engine for a while now. According to the infographic 35 hours of video are being uploaded every minute. 2 billion videos are being viewed on YouTube daily. The Justin Bieber “Baby Baby” music video has had than 591 million views on this popular video sharing website.
  9. 11% of 30+ year old Internet users maintain a personal blog.
  10. The Internet Advertising market was valued at $63 billion for 2010.

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This video entitled “Social Media Revolution 2011” was uploaded on YouTube a few days ago and features many internet stats about the Internet and Social Media:

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