10 insanely creative inventions you need in your life right now

Right now we are seeing some mind-blowing inventions that are changing the way we think and improving the quality of our lives. Here is a list of 10 such great products that are the imagination of some genius, but practical minds…

A Saddle Baby

Most toddlers just love to be carried around on dad’s shoulders, and although a great bonding activity, it can get a bit physically strenuous, and inconvenient not to be able to use your hands that has to hold onto baby’s legs. That’s why the ‘Saddle Baby’ baby carrier is just genius. It’s a safe way to carry your little one on your shoulders, providing a comfortable seat for them, some cushioning for your shoulders, and adjustable buckles and fasteners to secure your toddler to you. This frees your hands completely to be able to enjoy your outing with your little one even more.


A Weather Forecast Box

The Tempescope, the clever invention of Ken Kawamoto, is a nifty little box that gives you your daily weather forecast in real-time. It actually creates real raindrops and clouds and simulates sunshine and lightning. The box draws its forecasts from weather programs and the internet to show you what today, tomorrow and the week’s weather will be like. The only thing the Tempescope can’t do is create snow…


Clip-on heals

Ladies, we love our shoes, right? And we love options… Flats, high heels, chunky heels, stilletto heels, different colours, textures, we want them all. That’s why this invention from Tanya Heath Paris is perfect. Change from wearing flats to high heels in seconds with a simple mechanism allowing you to clip on and clip off your heels. You can change the colour, the style, the texture, depending on your mood, your outfit and the occasion. There are so many different fashionable options available to you with these clever shoes.


Signal indicators for cyclists

How genius is this? The Cyclee, as it is called, fits on any bike, and projects signals on the cyclist’s back to indicate their next move to traffic. This gadget is great for ensuring the safety of cyclists, particularly at night time. It can be fully integrated with your mobile phone and edited wirelessly.


A coffee making alarm clock

Probably one of the best inventions ever to grace this planet, the Barisieur, is an alarm clock that brews coffee. Brainchild of Joshua Renouf, this little must-have will have you waking up to the smell of fresh coffee every morning. You can set this coffee maker to start brewing whenever you want, whether you’re a snoozer, you can set it to start 30 minutes after the alarm went off, or if you’re a morning person, 5 minutes before it goes off. It also warms milks for a delicious au lait cup. Only downside to it is, you have to make sure it’s filled up and stocked with everything it needs the night before, but that’s a small price to pay to be able to wake up and have your coffee ready.


Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Why have plain, boring ice cubes, when you can have diamond-shaped ice cubes that will make you feel as though you’re sipping on a drink made for royalty? These cute silicone ice cube trays from True will definitely be a party pleaser and have your guests talking.


Shoes that fit you perfectly

Finding shoes that fit just right, and still suitable for every day wear can be a bit tricky, especially if you have a feet that are kind of in between two sizes. These clever shoes from Vibram, the Furoshiki wrapping sole, are like wearing a bit of heaven on your feet. They are comfortable and light, stretch to fit you perfectly and adapts to any surface due to its innovative sole.


The invisible keyboard

AirType introduces wearable technology that will blow your mind. A keyboard-less device specifically made for tablets. You no longer need to use an external keyboard or the keypad on your tablet. These clever cuff-like gadgets attach to your hands and work wirelessly to translate the movements you make with your fingers into a readable type.


A three-tiered cake pan

These made the list because they are so darn cute. Make your own mini three-tiered wedding or birthday cakes with this awesome cake pan. It’s a great alternative to the usual cupcake, you can go all creative with your icing, and it will make a fantastic gift…


A Thumb Thing

Avid readers will love this little invention. No more struggling to keep your book open or having a tired thumb. The Thumb Thing (yep, that’s what it’s actually called) will make reading super comfortable, whether it’s in bed, the bath or the beach, acting as a bookmark and a lovely resting place for your thumb.


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10 insanely creative inventions you need in your life right now
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10 insanely creative inventions you need in your life right now
Right now we are seeing some mind-blowing inventions that are changing the way we think and improving the quality of our lives...
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Junk Mail
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