10 Instagrammers in South Africa you should follow

Instagram is no longer only a mobile, photo-and video sharing, social networking service. Instagram has made it possible and provided a platform for many talented, creative photographers to showcase their work where it’s easily accessible to the world. It has also given the “lesser-experienced” photographer a chance to compete with some of the best out there.


In 2013, the South African Instagrammers Community was established, currently the only one of its kind in the country that has international relationship and recognition. It is a community of thousands of people who are passionate about Instagram and using the platform to showcase the beauty of South Africa on a daily basis.

Here are 10 Instagrammers in South Africa you should definitely consider following. Feast your eyes on beautiful images of life, travel, nature, food and the simply random.

10 Instagrammers in South Africa you should follow

Gareth Pon

Gareth Pon is quite a noteworthy Instagrammer, with a big passion for Mobile photography. He has been awarded Africa’s top Instagrammer of 2014 award and is the founder of the South African Instagrammers Community, which has gotten significant international recognition. His Instagram feed is a quirky, yet beautiful representation of life and travel.


Gavin Pickford

Gavin Pickford has a substantial following on Instagram and it is easy to see why. His love for photography is clearly evident in beautifully captured images of South African landscapes, wildlife and sunsets.


Craig Howes

“The Earth’s Photographer” is how he describes himself, and to be honest, he may do so. Craig has some of the best landscaping images I’ve seen, featured on his Instagram feed. In April this year, Craig’s incredible work was featured in the Huffington Post, “An African in New York” bringing him international recognition.


Sacha Specker

If you love surfing and the outdoors, this is the guy to follow on Instagram. Sacha captures stunning images of the ocean, waves and other beautiful aquatic shots.


Natassja Zuidmeer

Natassja’s Instagram feed is beautiful editorial-style photography shot in natural scenery and from creative angles.


Ockie Fourie

Calling himself “Theworldsyoungestman”, Ockie Fourie sees life with a different set of eyes. His portrayal of ordinary people and everyday life is inspirational and worth following.


Damiane van Reenen

Damiane has a great talent to portray everyday life “from a different perspective”. His images are very creative and imaginative, causing you to reflect “deeper” about life and your surroundings.


Sam Linsell

Sam Linsell is a Capetonian cookbook author, food stylist, writer and photographer. Her Instagram feed features stunning images of delicious looking food and her travels across the country.


Rowan Eva

Rowan takes most of his images with his iPhone. They’re a beautiful depiction of South African scenery, people, life events and everyday items.


Ross Pickford

He is the Community Manager for Instagrammers in Cape Town (@igersCapeTown) and calls his feed “Consistently Inconsistent”. Awesome images of landscapes, city scenery, sports and leisure make his Instagram feed one to follow.


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