10 reasons to absolutely love the new Samsung Note8

The Samsung Note8 offers you cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your productivity. From its awesome camera to its upgraded S Pen, there are plenty of reasons to love these Samsung phones. Read our blog to discover the top ten reasons why you simply must get your hands on this state-of-the-art device. You can find smartphones for sale on Junk Mail.

An awesome camera

The incredible camera is just one of the many reasons to find these Samsung phones for sale. With two 12MP rear cameras, as well as an 8MP front-facing camera, you can capture your most important moments effortlessly. Optical Image Stabilisation elevates the quality of the images you take with this phone, while with the Live Focus feature you can make changes to the image by adjusting the depth of field. The dual cameras, as well as the OIS features, make it easy to obtain sharp images using your Samsung smartphone. The camera is equipped with a Dual Pixel sensor, which enables you to take crisp photos in conditions where there is reduced lighting.

samsung galaxy note8 camera

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Larger screen

The Samsung Note8 boasts a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display which sets it apart from the crowd. Its squarer edge increases the available space for S Pen apps. The App Pair feature takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. This innovative feature allows you to open two apps and view them on the screen at the same time. You can customise these features by deciding which apps you want to pair together. The enlarged screen, as well as App Pair, allows you to be more productive when you are using these Samsung phones.

Improved S Pen

The S Pen features a refined tip as well as better pressure sensitivity. With the Note8, Samsung smartphone, and S Pen, you can create art and compose lists using your phone. Whether you’re using your phone for business or as an outlet for your creativity, you’ll love using the upgraded S Pen. You can complete forms and record signatures using this feature. The screen off memo is also worth mentioning as it makes taking notes easier.

the s pen by samsung

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Exceptional security

With cutting-edge security features, it’s easy to keep your personal information safe. You can prevent unauthorised access to your phone with fingerprint or face recognition. Other options include iris scanning or password security settings. Another reason to find these Samsung phones for sale is that you can take extra security precautions by using Knox or biometrics. With the secure folder, you can store your personal data separately from corporate data.

Samsung DeX Compatibility

When you find Note8 smartphones for sale, you can enhance your productivity by creating a portable workspace. All you need is a Samsung DeX to connect your Note8 to a monitor. To ensure that you are able to get the most out of this setup, the Note8 is equipped with 6GB RAM as well as a 10-nm processor.

dex feature of the galaxy note8

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Efficient charging

You can charge your Samsung Note8 using a wireless dock. Another option is to use a USB Type-C. Quick-and-easy charging is a huge advantage when you are using a smartphone. The more you rely on your mobile device, the more important it is to have a fast charging speed.

Samsung Pay

With Samsung Pay, it’s easier to make payment at retail stores that support this innovative technology. This feature makes it unnecessary to pay by card as you can use your phone instead. There are plenty of promotions you can benefit from by using the Samsung Pay feature.

Headphone jack

These Samsung phones have retained their headphone jack. This means that you can still plug in your earphones when the battery of your Bluetooth headphones is flat.

Water resistance

Your Note8 Samsung smartphone is water resistance, which helps to protect your phone when it is submerged in water that’s less than 5 feet. Its water-resistance capacity lasts for up to 30 minutes.

Extra storage

While you get 64GB of storage with your device, you can expand the Note8’s storage capacity even further. All you need to do is purchase the MicroSD card and you get up to 256GB of memory.

Now that you understand the advantages of finding Samsung Note8 smartphones for sale, you can search online for great deals. With its innovative features, it’s easy to see why the Samsung Note8 is so popular.

10 reasons to absolutely love the new Samsung Note8
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10 reasons to absolutely love the new Samsung Note8
The Samsung Note8 offers you cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your productivity. Junk Mail gives you 10 reasons why you should get one.
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