10 Seriously funny Tattoo fails

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are not always cool… Sometimes tattoos can turn out quite hilarious and downright embarrassing for the unfortunate soul that has to be stuck with it.

TIP: If you are getting new ink, ALWAYS make sure you go to someone who actually knows what they’re doing, can spell and use grammar correctly and understands your instructions and exactly what it is you want. Also make sure that you get your tattoo done at a reputable tattoo artist who uses quality ink and sterilized equipment. Otherwise things can turn “ugly” and be very difficult to get rid of…

Check out these 10 seriously funny Tattoo fails:

Funny-Tattoo-Fail-1 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-2 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-3 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-4 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-5 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-6 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-7 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-8 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-9 Funny-Tattoo-Fail-10

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