10 tips for making your matric farewell a success

Matric farewell season approaches and anticipation is in the air. While this is an exciting time, it can also be stressful. Ensure that everything runs smoothly by planning ahead. From finding the right outfit to renting a car, there are plenty of things to consider before the big day. Visit Junk Mail for all your dress, suit, car hire, beauty treatment, and photography needs.

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1. Define your budget

Before you start planning your matric farewell, make sure that you know how much you have available to spend. With proper budgeting, you can ensure that you get everything that you need for this special occasion without going into debt. You’ll need to consider the following expenses:

  • Matric dress or suit
  • Tickets
  • Shoes
  • Hair
  • Accessories
  • Make-up
  • Car hire (if you need to)
  • After-party

2. Make a list

Create a list of all the tasks that you need to get done before your matric farewell. A list will help you to remember everything that needs to be completed for the big day to run smoothly. As you complete each task, cross it off your list to feel the satisfaction of being one step closer to your goals.

3. Book appointments in advance

Getting hair and makeup done? Book these appointments in advance. Planning ahead helps you to avoid the disappointment of your favourite stylist being unavailable for this special occasion. Looking your best will help you feel confident and sophisticated. It’s advisable to go for a trial hairdo and make-up session to ensure you’re happy with the results.

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4. Organise the pre-party in advance

A pre-party is an opportunity for friends and family to gather before your matric farewell. You’ll have the chance to chat and take photographs before the main event. A pre-party is a great addition to any matric farewell, so it pays to plan this gathering with plenty of time to spare.

5. Hire a car

You may want to hire a fancy car to get to the matric farewell in style. Consider getting a group of friends together to split the expenses. If you want to save cash, ask around to find out if any friends or family members have a luxurious vehicle that can be used for this special occasion.

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6. Plan photographs

Matric farewells are packed with memorable moments. Consider your photography options beforehand so that you don’t miss out on opportunities to record your precious memories. Hiring a photographer is one way to ensure that you get good quality images of the big day. Once you’ve found a good photographer, book them long in advance. You should also figure out when and where you’ll be taking these photos to avoid wasting time.

7. Remember the after-party

Don’t forget about the after-party in all the excitement of planning for the big day. You’ll need to decide where to go and what you’ll be wearing. Safe transportation is the most important thing to remember. Also, ensure that everyone agrees on a curfew.

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8. Pick an outfit

Take the time to choose an outfit that you love, so that you can look your best for your matric farewell. Try it on again closer to the event so that you can check that it still fits properly and that it’s clean. Buying a second-hand dress is an opportunity to save some money. Another option is to hire an outfit instead of purchasing one. There are also non-profit organisations that may be able to loan you a stunning outfit and assist you with your hair and makeup. If you can afford to buy a dress or tuxedo yourself, consider donating these clothes to a suitable charity after your matric farewell.

9. Choose your shoes wisely

Shoes are an important consideration as they need to be both stylish and comfortable. It’s worth putting effort into choosing the right shoes as they can make or break an outfit. Dealing with sore feet can put a damper on this special event. Try wearing the shoes before your matric farewell to make sure you are comfortable on the day.

10. Stay safe

Matric farewells are a time of joy and celebration. However, it also important to stay safe. Parents should be made aware of the programme for the evening, including where the after-party is so that they know where their children are at all times. Teenagers can enjoy their evening responsibly by keeping their cell phone with them and regularly checking in with their parents to let them know they’re safe. Sticking with reliable friends is also important for safety. Another option is to share your live location with your parents, so they know where you are at all times.

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With proper preparation, you can enjoy the matric dance of your dreams. Planning your matric farewell? Find everything you need on Junk Mail today.

10 tips for making your matric farewell a success
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10 tips for making your matric farewell a success
Matric farewell season approaches and anticipation is in the air. While this is an exciting time, it can also be stressful, so make sure you plan ahead.
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