10 tips on how to make a fish tank

A fish tank can make a beautiful addition to your home as well as contributing to a relaxing ambiance in the room. Whether you choose to place the fish tank in your bedroom, dining room or lounge, a fish tank makes a stunning feature. With plenty of fish tanks for sale on Junk Mail, you can choose a tank that is suited to the size of your room. Another option is to build your own tank.


Here is some useful information on how to make a fish tank:

1. Choose the type of glass
The first step is to pick the right glass and prepare it. Annealed glass which is often referred to as plate or sheet glass is suitable to use for aquarium building. Its strength is an important quality that makes it great for tanks. Although tempered glass is not suitable for a tank, toughened glass can be used.


2. Pick the right glass thickness
As seen with commercial fish tanks for sale, thicker glass is preferable as the tank will need to be strong enough to contain water. Make sure that the edges have been sanded down to prevent injury during the building process.


3. Decide on the aquarium size
The size will depend on how many fish you intend to keep as well as the size of the room you will display the tank in. Don’t forget to take into account that larger tanks are more difficult to move around once they are filled with water.


4. Get the right equipment
This project requires silicone sealant. Silicone sealant that is especially made for aquariums is preferable, as normal silicone can be toxic to fish. A caulking gun or silicone sealant gun is also required. Another item that you will need is duct tape.


5. Prepare the glass
Use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the glass. Next set the glass out on a large working space so it is ready to be assembled.


6. Start building your aquarium
If you have not used a silicone gun before, practice first before starting your project. Once you are accustomed to using the gun, you can start assembling the tank using strips of silicone.


7. Start with the front pane
Use the silicone to put in the front piece of glass. Use the duct tape to keep the pane in place while the silicone is drying.

8. Put in the side and back panes
The next step is to assemble the sides of the tank. Use the silicone to put the side panes into place. If there is excess silicone, wait until it dries before neatening up your project. The last step in this how to make a fish tank tutorial is to secure the back pane of glass. You can use the duct tape to keep the pane in place.

9. Test your aquarium
Once the silicone has dried, it is essential to test your aquarium before you add fish. You can do this by adding water and making sure that there are no leaks. Make sure that the tank is clean and safe for fish before you set up your aquarium.


10. Add fish
Choosing the right fish is a crucial step to setting up an aquarium. If you are just starting out great cold water aquarium fish include Gold fish, Bloodfin Tetras and the White Cloud Mountain Minnow.


Why make your own tank? Building a fish tank is a fun activity that is a more affordable option than buying a new one. Once you are done, you can show off your handiwork by displaying the fish tank in your home. By designing your own tank you can use your creativity to create a tank that matches your personal style. As building a fish tank requires a few tools and materials, this is a feasible project for DIY enthusiasts.

If DIY tips and this how to make a fish tank tutorial isn’t really your thing, why not browse Junk Mail and explore the wide collection of fish tanks for sale.


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