10 toys for babies and toddlers

It can be completely overwhelming to find the best toys for your baby. There are so many toys you can choose from, and choosing just a couple is also not easy. You have to consider the safety, health and development of your baby.

Today, we are going to assist you in choosing the right baby stuff for your growing baby. One thing you have to understand is that babies are very different. So while we are guiding you into choosing certain toys for your baby; you also need to know which toys your baby prefers.

The following list can only serve as a guide.

For babies that are still learning how to grasp or walk:

First Steps Jumperoo


When your baby is learning how to walk, it is great to provide them something that will help them move around easily. This Jumperoo helps your baby move around in 360 degrees, so that your baby can walk back and forth.

It also plays soft baby music to keep him or her entertained.

Baby Gym


For teething babies

When babies are teething, it is a painful and itchy experience for them, and as a mother you might feel a little helpless. But you do not have to anymore…

With these teething toys, you can rest assured knowing something is relieving their pain and itch.

Toy Squish


Winkel Teethers


Soft Chew toys


Other awesome toys you can get for your baby include:

Ball Rattler


The amazing thing about this toy is that it applies to babies of all ages. And since babies are always curious, it gives them a chance to wonder where the rattling sound comes from. They will keep rolling the ball around till eventually they discover it is the little balls inside the big ball.

The ball rattler is safe because the small parts are not accessible.

Pic and Pop ball blaster


This is a great toy for adventure seeking toddlers. He or she is now able to move around by walking or crawling. This ball blaster shoots out a ball, which your baby can easily chase after.

Rainbow Stacking Toy


Soft Building Blocks


Boing Ball


Buy your baby toys that will help put a smile on his or her face every day.

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