1966 to now: The evolution of the Toyota Corolla

At the heart of the Toyota brand is the Corolla. The reliability and affordability of this iconic vehicle represent the core values which the Toyota brand is built on. Since its inception in 1966 the Toyota Corolla has gone from success to success. With its innovative technology the Corolla is truly “A car for everyone,” so much so that finding a Toyota Corolla for sale is a popular option.

8th generation corolla

Image Source: Toyota Global Site.

Affordable and reliable used Toyota Corolla

When it comes to finding Toyota used cars the Corolla is a sought after option due to its reliable performance. If you want to discover more about these popular Toyota cars, this look at the Corolla is for you.

Toyota has a reputation for manufacturing sturdy cars and the Corolla is no exception. The reliability of Toyota vehicles makes finding a used Toyota Corolla for sale a great option. These vehicles have stood the test of time and proven their trustworthy performance over the years. Whether you are looking for the latest model or a used Toyota Corolla, take a look at the history of this iconic vehicle.

4th generation corolla from toyota

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

A History of the Toyota Corolla

With its innovative features and durable design it is easy to see why the Corolla is a sought after family vehicle. The Corolla was released in 1966 with technology which was typical of higher grade vehicles.

Its attractive design and cutting-edge equipment further added to its appeal. Testament to the popularity of Corolla, this model achieved the number one ranking in domestic sales only three years after its release.

The Corolla played a significant role in the evolution of the motoring industry. While its design is compact, it has a spacious interior. Its comfortable and supportive seating is another reason to find a Corolla for sale. Functionality and economy are distinctive to the Corolla brand.

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First Generation Corolla

The first generation of Corollas had an athletic floor-mounted shift leader which set it apart from the crowd. Despite its exciting competition, opting for these Toyota cars were a popular option among buyers.

The first generation was manufactured from 1966 to 1970. When this model was first released it was only available as a 2-door sedan. A 4-door sedan as well as a van body type were added to the first generation Corolla range.

New technology was incorporated into the first generation Corolla. This included a 5-bearing crankshaft as well as a high camshaft system. As a family vehicle safety has been an important part of the Corolla’s design since the first generation models were released. Noteworthy features of the first generation include reversing lights to increase safety and a hazard flasher.

1st generation toyota corolla

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

Other highlights of the first generation Corolla included side ventilators, semi reinforced windshield glass and a removable rear view mirror. The first generation Corolla, which was released in Japan, was a hi-delux 2-door sedan.

This 1969 model had a weight of 730 kgs, overall length of 3855 mm, width of 1485 mm and height of 1380 mm. Its wheelbase was 2285 mm. This model could accommodate 5 people. It was equipped with a 1077 cc K-D water cooled inline 4-cylinder engine. It had a four-speed manual transmission.

The Corolla evolved through each generation into the model which is currently available on the market. Take a look at an overview of the latest Toyota Corolla.

The latest Toyota Corolla

With so many benefits to finding a Toyota Corolla for sale, it is easy to see why these vehicles are so popular. Safety features of the latest generation include an alarm and immobiliser. Auto door lock is a safety and convenience feature of this model. Airbags as well as ABS, BAS and EBD help to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe.

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Comfort is a priority in the design of the Corolla. It is equipped with a multi-information display and Bluetooth offers excellent connectivity. Steering wheel switches make it easy to adjust settings without removing your hands from the steering wheel. The Prestige and Exclusive models have leather seats.

The 1.3 litre model has a power output of 73 kW with a torque of 128 Nm. The 1.6 litre model delivers 90 kW of power with a peak torque of 154 Nm. With 103 kW of power and 173 Nm of torque the 1.8 litre model is a high performing Toyota.

toyota corolla

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

The 1.4 litre diesel engine with 66kW of power and 205 Nm of torque is also available in this range. The price of the 1.3 Esteem starts at R258 200. The 1.6 Esteem will cost you R271 400 while the 1.3 Prestige has a price tag of R 278 100.

Toyota Corolla Model1.3 Esteem and 1.3 Prestige1.4 D Esteem and 1.4 D Prestige1.6 Esteem and 1.6 Prestige1.6 Prestige Multidrive S and 1.6 Sprinter1.8 Prestige and 1.8 Exclusive
Displacement1329 cm³1364 cm³1598 cm³1598 cm³1798 cm³
Fuel TypePetrolDieselPetrolPetrolPetrol
Maximum Power Output73 kW @ 6 000 rpm66 kW @ 3 800 rpm90 kW @ 6 000 rpm90 kW @ 6 000 rpm103 kW @ 6 400 rpm
Maximum Torque128 Nm @ 3 800 rpm205 Nm @ 1 800 – 2 800 rpm154 Nm @ 5 200 rpm154 Nm @ 5 200 rpm173 Nm @ 4 000 rpm
Acceleration (0 100 km/h)12.6 seconds12.5 seconds10.5 seconds11.1 seconds | 10.5 seconds10.2 seconds
Top Speed180 km/h180 km/h195 km/h185 km/h | 195 km/h200 km/h
Combined Fuel Consumption6.0 litre / 100 km4.5 litre / 100 km6.6 litre / 100 km6.3 litre / 100 km | 6.6 litres/ 100 km7.0 litres / 100 km

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1966 to now: The evolution of the Toyota Corolla
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1966 to now: The evolution of the Toyota Corolla
Since its inception in 1966 the Toyota Corolla has gone from success to success. With its innovative technology the Corolla is truly a car for everyone.
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