20 awesome gift and treat ideas for dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated on various dates across the world, but mainly on the third Sunday in June. The idea behind it is to celebrate and honour fatherhood and male parents and what value they contribute to the lives of children.

Where Fathers Day originated

This special day finds its roots in the United States, and dates back as early as 1905. However, Father’s Day was first ‘officially’ celebrated in June of 1910 when a lady called Sonora Smart Dodd was motivated by hearing a Mother’s Day sermon to hold a similar holiday to honour her own father, who, as a single parent, raised six children. Sonora presented the idea to her church leaders, who agreed and preached Fathers Day sermons throughout the city on 19 June, 1910. From there the popularity of the day spread, getting national recognition in the 1930’s and later international acknowledgment.

father's day

As with Mother’s Day established a few years earlier, merchants seized the opportunity to market and sell goods like tobacco and ties that would be considered as appropriate gifts for a father.

In most countries, this is not an official public holiday, but still recognized as a special day and celebrated on a Sunday, with limited public services. It’s a day when children of all ages take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to father figures in their lives in various ways, including keeping the old tradition of giving gifts, as well as treating them to a good meal or a day out.

20 great Fathers Day Gift Ideas to say ‘Thank You’ to Dad

Wondering what to get Dad this year? Well, here is a list of 20 Fathers Day gift ideas that, depending on your particular dad, would make his day and him feel appreciated. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the perfect gift.

Beard Grooming Set

If your dad has a beard, beard grooming sets make for great gifts for dad. Complete with special oil, scissors and a comb to keep his beard looking neat and smart, these are great gifts for men overall?

beard grooming set

A Best Seller

Is dad a Top Gear fan or a car enthusiast? He will love this best-selling book from ex-presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, The Top Gear Years.

gifts for dad

Braai Gift set

If you are looking for truly South African Fathers Day ideas, a braai gift set could be the answer. Most South African fathers love to stand around the braai with friends or family and cook their steaks to perfection. Buy him a gift set with all the utensils, accessories and spices he needs to make him the boss at the next braai.

braai gift set for father's day

Apple Watch

Dad into gadgets? Well, if you have a bit more money to splash this year, consider an Apple Watch. This nifty little watch is far more than just a time piece, it will sync with dad’s iPhone to give him plenty of convenient digital functions and features.

apple watch

Imported Coffee

If your dad is a coffee lover, then great gifts for dad this year includes fine coffee. Make the gift extra special and give him a plunger and mug along with the coffee.


Winter PJ’s

Help dad keep warm in a cozy pair of pajamas this winter with one of the most popular Fathers Day gifts. Remember to get dad’s size right before buying!

gift ideas for father's day


If you are looking for gift ideas for men, and in particular your dad, why not consider a multi-tool? Most men love their multi-tools, so consider getting dad his own. There’s so much he’ll be able to do with it, it’s a handy, portable tool with so many useful functions in one single unit.

multi tool

Fitness tracker

If your dad is an active and health-conscious man, he’ll appreciate this gift, a fitness tracker. A good option to go for this Father’s Day is a Fitbit. Among others it tracks things like calories burned, steps and distances covered, monitors sleep and generally encourages a healthy lifestyle.

fitness tracker for dad

Printed apparel

An affordable option to go for is to have a t-shirt, cap or tracksuit printed for your dad. You can personalise it to suit your dad’s taste, with an original message that will make his heart very happy.

printed apparel for fathers day

Golf balls

Is dad an avid golfer? If your dad loves to play golf, this will make for stunning Fathers Day gifts. Buy him a set of new golf balls, or, if you really want to splash, consider buying a golf set. There are certain printing places that would personalise the golf balls to make it even more special.

golf balls

Rugby tickets

Most dads love their sports, so why not get your dad tickets to watch his favourite team? Better yet, if you can, get him season tickets for Fathers Day… It doesn’t have to be rugby, it can be tickets to the cricket, golf, soccer or whatever sports your dad is into.

fathers day gift ideas


This one is especially for the adventurous dad, and the dad that loves to document or photograph his adventures. A GoPro can be attached to any moving vehicle, bike or helmet for high quality footage making it one of the perfect gift ideas for men with an adventurous streak.

a gopro

Leather backpack

A leather backpack would be the ideal gift for dad, something practical which he can take with him to work every day and carry everything from his diary, laptop to his lunchbox.


Star Wars DVDs

Is the force strong with your dad? Well then an absolute awesome gift for him would be Star Wars DVDs, games or accessories.

star wars dvds for a geeky dad

Bluetooth speaker

These portable speakers have fantastic sound quality, are power saving and would make fantastic gifts for dad. He can easily hook it up to any device and listen to his favourite tunes.



If your dad is the suit-wearing type, then a good pair of cufflinks is in order. Try and get a pair that’s unique, just like your dad.


Nuts and chocolate

Inexpensive and much-appreciated Fathers Day gift ideas includes giving dad his favourite nuts and chocolate. Be creative and put the nuts in a glass jar, and print a funny label saying something like ‘I’m nuts about you dad’. Templates for these labels are available for free online.

fathers day gift ideas

Samsung Gear VR

A hot gadget to have at the moment, is the Samsung Gear VR. If dad is a Samsung man, introduce dad to the mind-blowing joys of virtual reality…

gear vr

Lego Technic

Boys will always love their toys, no matter how old they are… If your dad loves to spend hours building model cars or boats, a Lego Technic set would absolutely make his Father’s Day special.

lego technic

Car polishing kit

Most men are pretty protective over their cars, or their ‘babies’ as they would often call it… That’s why a car polishing gift set would make an amazing gift for a dad that loves to spend time taking care of his ride.

polish kit for dad's car

Breakfast in bed treat for dad: Strawberry stuffed French toast with Bacon

Want to make dad’s day extra special? Prepare him breakfast in bed… This is a mouthwatering recipe that most dads would love, but you can make any of dad’s favourite breakfast dishes. For this one, you’ll need bread, eggs, cream cheese, strawberries, cinnamon and a few other delicious ingredients. To see the full recipe, click here.

father's day breakfast

There you have it, our list of top Father’s Day gift ideas. Do you have any Fathers Day ideas you think will blow dad’s socks off? Let us know in the comments section below. In the meantime, browse through www.JunkMail.co.za for great deals on gifts this Father’s Day!

20 awesome gift and treat ideas for dad on Father’s Day
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20 awesome gift and treat ideas for dad on Father’s Day
Wondering what to get Dad this year? Well, here is a list of 20 Father's Day gift ideas that would make his day and him feel appreciated.
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