2011 ABSA Currie Cup Premier Division Match Fixtures

The 2011 ABSA Currie Cup rugby tournament kicks off this weekend. The tournament is steeped in history and tradition and dates back to 1889. The Currie Cup tournament is one of the oldest rugby competitions in the world.

The tournament is regarded as the cornerstone of South Africa’s rugby heritage and the coveted gold trophy remains the most prestigious prize in South African domestic rugby.

The current tournament format sees the competition split into 2 divisions. 8 teams are in the Premier Division, and contest for the Currie Cup trophy. The other 6 teams are in the Currie Cup First Division and play for the chance to be promoted to the Premier Division. The format has changed many times over the years, but this format is due to remain in place for now.

The Sharks were the 2010 ABSA Currie Cup Winners and will be looking to defend their title this year.

This is a list of fixtures for the 2011 ABSA Currie Cup season in the Premier Division:

DateTeam 1 Team 2VenueKick-Off Time
15 JulyMTN Golden LionsvFord PumasCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg19:10
16 JulyDHL Western ProvincevGWK GriquasDHL Newlands, Cape Town15:00
16 JulyToyota Free State CheetahsvPlatinum LeapordsFree State Stadium, Bloemfontein15:00
16 JulyThe SharksvVodacom Blue BullsMr Price Kings Park, Durban17:05
22 JulyFord PumasvThe SharksPuma Stadium, Witbank19:00
22 JulyPlatinum LeopardsvDHL Western ProvinceProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom19:10
23 JulyGWK GriquasvMTN Golden LionsGWK Park, Kimberley15:00
23 JulyVodacom Blue ullsvToyota Free State CheetahsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria15:00
29 JulyFord PumasvGWK GriquasPuma Stadium, Witbank19:00
30 JulyThe SharksvToyota Free State CheetahsMr Price Kings Park, Durban15:00
30 JulyMTN Golden LionsvPlatinum LeopardsCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg17:00
30 JulyDHL Western ProvincevVodacom Blue BullsDHL Newlands, Cape Town17:05
5 AugustPlatinum LeopradsvFord PumasProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom19:00
5 AugustGWK GriquasvThe SharksGWK Park, Kimberley19:10
6 AugustToyota Free State CheetahsvDHL Western ProvinceFree State Stadium, Bloemfontein15:00
6 AugustVodacom Blue BullsvMTN Golden LionsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria17:05
12 AugustFord PumasvVodacom Blue BullsPuma Stadium, Witbank17:05
12 AugustGWK GriquasvPlatinum LeopradsGWK Park, Kimberley19:00
12 August DHL Western ProvincevThe SharksDHL Newlands, Cape Town19:10
13 AugustMTN Golden LionsvToyota Free State CheetahsCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg19:10
19 AugustDHL Western ProvincevMTN Golden LionsDHL Newlands, Cape TownTBC
19 AugustThe SharksvPlatinum LepardsMr Price Kings Park, Durban19:10
19 AugustVodacom Blue BullsvGWK GriquasLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria19:10
20 AugustToyota Free State CheetahsvFord PumasFree State Stadium. Bloemfontein15:00
26 August Platinum Leopards vVodacom Blue BullsRoyal Bafokeng Stadium19:10
27 AugustFord PumasvDHL Western ProvincePuma Stadium, WitbankTBC
27 AugustGWK GriquasvToyota Free State CheetahsGWK Park, Kimberley15:00
27 AugustMTN Golden LionsvThe SharksCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg17:05
2 SeptFord PumasvMTN Golden LionsPuma Stadium, Witbank19:10
3 SeptPlatinum LeopradsvToyota Free State CheetahsProfert Olen Park, PtchefstroomTBC
3 SeptGWK GriquasvDHL Western ProvinceGWK Park, Kimberley15:00
3 SeptVodacom Blue BullsvThe SharksLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria17:05
9 SeptMTN Golden LionsvGWK GriquasCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg19:10
10 SeptDHL Western ProvincevPlatinum LeopradsDHL Newlands, Cape TownTBC
10 SeptThe SharksvFord PumasMr Price Kings Park, Durban15:00
10 SeptToyota Free State CheetahsvVodacom Blue BullsFree State Stadium, Bloemfontein17:05
16 SeptPlatinum LeopardsvMTN Golden LionsProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom19:10
17 SeptGWK GriquasvFord PumasGWK Park, Kimberley15:00
17 SeptToyota Free State CheetahsvThe SharksFree State Stadium, Bloemfontein15:00
17 SeptVodacom Blue BullsvDHL Western ProvinceLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria17:05
23 SeptFord PumasvPlatinum LeopardsPuma Stadium, Witbank15:00
23 SeptThe SharksvGWK GriquasMr Price Kings Park, Durban19:10
24 SeptMTN Golden LionsvVodacom Blue BullsCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg15:00
24 SeptDHL Western ProvincevToyota Free State CheetahsDHL Newlands, Cape Town17:05
30 SeptVodacom Blue BullsvFord PumasLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria19:10
1 OctoberPlatinum LeopardsvGWK GriquasProfert Olen Park, Potchefstroom15:00
1 OctoberToyota Free State CheetahsvMTN Golden LionsFree State Stadium, Bloemfontein15:00
1 OctoberThe SharksvDHL Western ProvinceMr Price Kings Park, Durban17:05
8 OctoberFord PumasvToyota Free State CheetahsPuma Stadium, WitbankTBA
8 OctoberGWK Griquasv Vodacom Blue BullsGWK Park, Kimberley15:00
8 OctoberPlatinum LeopardsvThe SharksRoyal Bafokeng Stadium16:00
8 OctoberMTN Golden LionsvDHL Western ProvinceCoca-Cola Park, Johannesburg17:05
14 OctoberVodacom Blue BullsvPlatinum LeopardsLoftus Versfeld, Pretoria19:10
15 OctoberToyota Free State CheetahsvGWK GriquasFree State Stadium, Bloemfontein15:00
15 OctoberDHL Western Provincev Ford PumaDHL Newlands, Cape Town17:05
15 OctoberThe SharksvMTN Golden LionsMr Price Kings Park, Durban19:10
21 OctoberA1vA4SF1TBC
22 OctoberA2 vA3SF2TBC
29 OctoberWinner SF1vWinner SF2FinalTBC

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