2011 Super 15 Rugby (Formerly Super 14) Match Schedule

It’s almost that time of the year again. One more team will be added to this year’s Super rugby tournament (which has been played between teams from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia since 1996). The Melbourne Rebels will be joining the Western Force, Brumbies, Waratahs and Reds as the 5th Australian team in this year’s competition.

From 2011 the Super rugby tournament will be known as the Super 15. This year’s tournament promises to be a display of some of the best rugby played on planet Earth. Pretoria-based side The Bulls (the 2007, 2009 and 2010 Super 14 champions) will be looking for their 4th championship title in Super rugby history. The competition is bound to be a lot more intense between all 15 teams in the competition though, so this will not be an easy task for the Bulls.

Besides getting a new logo, the format has been changed for this year’s Super 15 tournament:

  • There will be more local derbies and an extended finals series in the Super 15.
  • The tournament will start in late February each year with a couple of exceptions.
  • The tournament will run until July in a Rugby World cup year and until August in non-World Cup years. The starting and ending dates of the tournament could also be influenced by tours conducted by the British & Irish Lions.
  • Super Rugby fans will get to see 124 matches instead of 94 in the Super 15 tournament. At least 40 matches will be played in each of the SANZAR countries.
  • There will be 3 pools or geographic conferences (each containing 5 teams). Australia, South Africa and New Zealand will each host one pool.

This is the complete 2011 Super 15 Rugby Tournament Match Schedule.

You can also download the 2011 Super 15 Fixtures for Outlook via this link.

DAY & DATE MATCHVenueKick Off Time
Fri 18 Feb.Hurricanes v HighlandersWellington08:35
Fri 18 Feb.Rebels v WaratahsMelbourne10:40
Sat. 19 Feb.Blues v CrusadersAuckland08:35
Sat. 19 Feb.Brumbies v ChiefsCanberra10:40
Sat. 19 Feb.Sharks v CheetahsDurban17:05
Sat. 19 Feb.Lions v BullsJohannesburg19:10
Sunday 20 Feb.Reds v W ForceBrisbane08:40
BYES: Stormers
Fri 25 Feb.Highlanders v ChiefsDunedin08:35
Fri 25 Feb.Rebels v BrumbiesMelbourne10:40
Fri 25 Feb.Cheetahs v BullsBloemfontein19:10
Sat. 26 Feb.Hurricanes v CrusadersWellington08:35
Sat. 26 Feb.Waratahs v RedsSydney10:40
Sat. 26 Feb.Sharks v BluesDurban17:05
Sat. 26 Feb.Stormers v LionsCape Town19:10
BYES: W Force
Fri 4 MarchCrusaders v WaratahsChristchurch08:35
Fri 4 MarchLions v BluesJohannesburg19:10
Sat. 5 MarchChiefs v RebelsHamilton08:35
Sat.s MarchBrumbies v RedsCanberra10:40
Sat. 5 MarchW Force v SharksPerth13:05
Sat. 5 MarchStormers v CheetahsCape Town17:05
Sat. 5 MarchBulls v HighlandersPretoria19:10
BYES: Hurricanes
Fri 1 1 MarchCrusaders v BrumbiesChristchurch08:35
Fri 1 1 MarchRebels v SharksMelbourne10:40
Fri 1 1 MarchStormers v HighlandersCape Town19:10
Sat. 12 MarchHurricanes v ChiefsWellington08:35
Sat. 12 MarchW Force v BluesPerth13:05
Sat. 12 MarchCheetahs v LionsBloemfontein17:05
BYES: Bulls - Reds - Waratahs
Fri 18 MarchChiefs v SharksHamilton08:35
Fri 18 MarchReds v RebelsBrisbane11:40
Sat. 19 MarchHighlanders v CrusadersDunedin06:30
Sat. 19 MarchBlues v HurricanesAuckland08:35
Sat. 19 MarchWaratahs v CheetahsSydney10:40
Sat. 19 MarchLions v W ForceJohannesburg17:05
Sat. 19 MarchBulls v StormersPretoria19:10
BYES: Brumbies
Fri 25 MarchCrusaders v SharksChristchurch08:35
Fri 25 MarchRebels v HurricanesMelbourne10:40
Sat. 26 MarchReds v CheetahsBrisbane06:40
Sat. 26 MarchChiefs v BluesHamilton08:35
Sat. 26 MarchBrumbies v WaratahsCanberra10:40
Sat. 26 MarchStormers v W ForceCape Town15:00
Sat. 26 MarchBulls v LionsPretoria17:05
BYES: Highlanders
Fri 1 AprilHighlanders v BrumbiesInvercargill08:35
Fri 1 AprilWaratahs v ChiefsSydney10:40
Sat. 2 AprilBlues v CheetahsAuckland06:30
Sat. 2 AprilHurricanes v BullsNapier08:35
Sat. 2 AprilW Force v RebelsPerth13:05
Sat. 2 AprilLions v RedsJohannesburg15:00
Sat. 2 AprilSharks v StormersDurban17:05
BYES: Crusaders
Fri 8
Highlanders v CheetahsDunedin09:35
Sat. 9 AprilCrusaders v BullsChristchurch09:35
Sat. 9 AprilBrumbies v HurricanesCanberra11:40
Sat. 9 AprilW Force v WaratahsPerth14:05
Sat. 9 AprilStormers v RedsCape Town17:05
Sat. 9 AprilSharks v LionsDurban19:10
BYES: Blues - Chiefs - Rebels
Fri 15 AprilChiefs v CrusadersTauranga09:35
Fri 15 AprilRebels v HighlandersMelbourne11:40
Sat. 16 AprilBlues v WaratahsAuckland09:35
Sat. 16 AprilReds v BullsBrisbane11:40
Sat. 16 AprilLions v StormersJohannesburg17:05
Sat. 16 AprilCheetahs v HurricanesBloemfontein19:10
Sunday 17 AprilBrumbies v W ForceCanberra08:10
BYES: Sharks
Fri 22 AprilBlues v RebelsNorth Harbour09:35
Sat. 23 AprilCrusaders v HighlandersChristchurch09:35
Sat. 23 AprilReds v WaratahsBrisbane11:40
Sat. 23 AprilW Force v Bulls .Perth14:05
Sat. 23 AprilSharks v HurricanesDurban17:05
Sat. 23 AprilLions v ChiefsJohannesburg19:10
BYES: Brumbies - Cheetahs- Stormers
Fri 29 AprilHighlanders v BluesDunedin09:35
Sat. 30 AprilHurricanes v RedsWellington09:35
Sat. 30 AprilWaratahs v RebelsSydney11:40
Sat. 30 AprilW Force v CrusadersPerth14:05
Sat. 30 AprilCheetahs v BrumbiesBloemfontein15:00
Sat. 30 AprilBulls v ChiefsPretoria17:05
Sat. 30 AprilStormers v SharksCape Town19:10
BYES: Lions
Fri 6 MayHurricanes v BluesWellington09:35
Fri 6 MayRebels v RedsMelbourne11:40
Fri 6 MayLions v CheetahsJohannesburg19:10
Sat. 7 MayChiefs v HighlandersHamilton09:35
Sat. 7 MayWaratahs v W ForceSydney11:40
Sat. 7 MayStormers v CrusadersCape Town17:05
Sat. 7 MaySharks v BrumbiesDurban19:10
BYES: Bulls
Fri 13 MayHighlanders v HurricanesInvercargill09:35
Fri 13 MayReds v BluesBrisbane11:40
Sat. 14 MayChiefs v StormersHamilton09:35
Sat. 14 MayBrumbies v LionsCanberra11:40
Sat. 14 MayBulls v RebelsPretoria17:05
Sat. 14 MayCheetahs v CrusadersBloemfontein19:10
BYES: W Force - Sharks - Waratahs
Fri 20 MayBlues v StormersAuckland09:35
Sat. 21 MayCrusaders v ChiefsChristchurch09:35
Sat. 21 MayWaratahs v LionsSydney11:40
Sat. 21 MayW Force v BrumbiesPerth14:05
Sat. 21 MayCheetahs v RebelsBloemfontein17:05
Sat. 21 MaySharks v BullsDurban19:10
BYES: Hurricanes - Highlanders - Reds
Fri 27 MayHurricanes v W ForcePalmerston Nth09:35
Sat. 28 MayHighlanders v LionsDunedin09:35
Sat. 28 MayBrumbies v StormersCanberra11:40
Sat. 28 MaySharks v WaratahsDurban17:05
Sat. 28 MayBulls v CheetahsPretoria19:10
Sunday 29 MayReds v CrusadersBrisbane08:10
BYES: Blues - Chiefs - Rebels
Fri 3 JuneHighlanders v W ForceDunedin09:35
Fri 3 JuneRebels v StormersMelbourne11:40
Fri 3 JuneBulls v WaratahsPretoria19:10
Sat. 4 JuneHurricanes v LionsWellington07:30
Sat. 4 JuneBlues v ChiefsAuckland09:35
Sat. 4 JuneReds v BrumbiesBrisbane11:40
Sat. 4 JuneCheetahs v SharksBloemfontein17:05
BYES: Crusaders
Fri 10 JuneChiefs v HurricanesHamilton09:35
Fri 10 JuneBrumbies v RebelsCanberra11:40
Sat. 11 JuneCrusaders v BluesChristchurch09:35
Sat. 11 JuneWaratahs v HighlandersSydney11:40
Sat. 11 JuneW Force v RedsPerth14:05
Sat. 11 JuneLions v SharksJohannesburg16:05
Sat. 11 JuneStormers v BullsCape Town18:10
BYES: Cheetahs
Fri 17 JuneBlues v HighlandersAuckland09:35
Fri 17 JuneRebels v W ForceMelbourne11:40
Sat. 18 JuneChiefs v RedsHamilton07:30
Sat. 18 JuneCrusaders v HurricanesChrist
Sat. 18 JuneWaratahs v BrumbiesSydney (ANZ)11:40
Sat. 18 JuneBulls v SharksPretoria17:05
Sat. 18 JuneCheetahs v StormersBloemfontein19:10
BYES: Lions
Fri and Sat. 25 June
Week 1
Team 1 and Team 2 Bye
Qualifier 1- Team 3 v Team 6Kick off times will be determined by the qualifying teams' home time zone.
Qualifier 1- Team 4 v Team 5
Fri 1 and Sat. 2 July
Week 2
Semi 1 - Team 1 v Lowest Ranked Qualified winner
Semi 2 - Team 2 v Highest Ranked Qualified winner
Week 3
Sat. 9 July
Final - Winner of Semi 1 v Winner of Semi 2

Please note that times, dates and venues subject to change. The video below posted by SuperRugby.au on YouTube explains the Super 15 in detail:

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