2013 South African Navy Festival Coming Soon

The South African Navy Festival takes place in Simon’s Town from the 5th to the 7th of April 2013. It promises to be one of the more exciting events on the Western Cape calendar.

The South African Navy (or Naval Service) was officially founded in 1922, but it has been around unofficially for much longer than that. The Natal Naval Volunteers (or NNV) was formed in Durban in 1885 and the Cape Naval Volunteers (CNV) was formed in Cape Town in 1905. Members of the South African Navy served the Royal Navy in the first and second World Wars. In 1997 the South African Navy celebrated it’s 75th birthday. 15 countries sent ships to South Africa to join in the festivities.

The South Africa Navy festival gives visitors the opportunity to bring their families and have some fun with the South African Navy’s Personnel. Besides the SA Navy Band’s Dry Dock Concert, there’s a lot of things happening in Simon’s Town.

South African Navy Festival

There will be various events in the main arena for young and old. South African Navy ships and submarines will be open for public viewing. There will be tug rides, a flea market, children’s activities, a gun run display, a precision drill, a ship boarding display by the Maritime Reaction Squadron, a Lynx & Oryx helicopter display, a live cannon firings, a South African Navy diving display, a Right of Entry Parade through Simon’s Town, a Navy Choir performance, a night gunner shoot and lots more.

Entrance to the South African Navy Festival is FREE and gates will be open on the days from 10 AM to 6 PM daily. For more information, check out the South African Navy website.

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  1. Ethlin says:

    Hi,I just wanna know if you can remember people handing out flyers with a competition on the Navy Open day.They phoned me this morning saying a won one of those prizes I just wanna know if you know if all of that is legit.If can’t reply or don’t know any of it you don’t have to respond to this letter.Thank you.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Ethlin – We are not familiar with this. Your best bet would be to contact the organizers directly.

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