3 Hot Gadgets To Look Out for 2012

2012 is in full swing. Most folks reading this post probably can’t believe that we are halfway through February already. Great news for fans of new technology is that there are a few gadgets rumored to be on the way later in this year.

Technology has become such an integral part of lives. Most of us simply can not function properly without it. It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet and cell phones. The internet has been connecting people for more than 17 years. Imagine a world with cell phones and the internet? One simply can’t live without these items in this day and age.

Well, luckily we live in the modern age where new gadgets make their appearance on a regular basis. These 3 gadgets are rumored to be released in 2012

Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5: In 2011 Apple released the iPhone 4Gs (even though most tech analysts thought that they will be revealing the iPhone 5). The rumored Apple iPhone 5 will allegedly feature a new design and functions (including software and hardware upgrades) a teardrop design that is slimmer and lighter, a retina display, more internal memory, mobile payment services, 2 to 3 internal antennas, it will also apparently be fireproof and feature wireless charging. All of this still needs to be confirmed by Apple though. Chances are the iPhone 5 might be released in 2012, so keep your technologically savvy ears and eyes pealed.

Apple Ipad 3
Apple iPad 3:Rumor has it that the Apple iPad 3 will feature enhanced user interface technology and the rumored specifications might include a dual-core processor, a high-definition screen, retina displays, cameras, chips, a SD card slot and more storage options. Apparently the next version of the iPad will also feature 4G LTE connectivity as well. The Apple iPad 3 should make a killing in the tablet market when it’s finally released. More than 43 million Apple iPad 2 units have been sold globally since its release in March 2011. Die-hard Apple iPad fans are definitely awaiting the Apple iPad 3’s release.

Sony Playstation Vita
Sony Playstation Vita: This gadget will be launched in the UK. The Sony Playstation Vita has been dubbed the “PS3 in your pocket”. And it’s Playstation’s next-generation handheld pocket size gaming device. The Sony Playstation Vita will have a quad-core ARM 9 processor feeding a 5 inch OLED touch screen and also a tactile back panel and dual cameras for augmented reality gaming. One thing is clear folks – Sony means business.

There you have it folks, 3 gadgets that you can look forward to in 2012. If you could chose one of these 3 gadgets, which one would it be?

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