3 types of homes for sale in Midrand

When it comes to buying property, there are so many things to consider and see. But the two most important questions you should always ask yourself when buying property is: Do I want to be in the same place every year and when extended family is coming to visit or stay for a while, will this home be big enough?

It is a tough call indeed. There are a lot of things to consider. You need to consider the surrounding areas, such as the malls, nearby schools for the kids, how far it would be from work and how efficient the transportation is in the area. Luckily, we have some information for you about properties in Midrand.

The Midrand area is in the central part of the Gauteng province. It is situated between two of the most upmarket towns, Sandton and Centurion. While property in those areas is expensive, property in Midrand is a combination of affordability and comfort.

Here is a list of the 3 types of homes for sale in Midrand:


Secure complex homes


Complexes are one of the best properties to live in. They are built almost like flats but have really big yards and parking lots. According to some studies, in the future most areas will be made up of complexes. They are like small communities, but you still get to have the privacy you need to raise a family.

In the Midrand, you can find a secure complex home from prices starting at R620 000 for a 78 square metres place. Most complexes come with built-in kitchen and modern bathrooms.

You can find secure complex homes in Carlswald and Sanridge in Midrand.

Penthouse Lofts


A penthouse is an apartment on the highest level of the building. You can find a penthouse for sale in Midrand, Nordwyk from R850 000 for two bedrooms, one bathroom, two private balconies, a kitchen and a lounge. That is great value for your money.

In the past, a penthouse was a big deal for many people, once you start mentioning the word ‘penthouse’ a lot of people assumed you were a politician or celebrity, but now you can be considered as one but get the penthouse at a really affordable price.


Bedroom Cottage


Most people buy such properties because they have just started a family and want a nice spacious home where kids can still run around.

Just like complexes, cottages are becoming the preferred homes of most people. They are highly affordable and within years you have a choice to either rent or extend the home.
Midrand has quite a number of cottages for sale in Carlswald. Most cottages in this area also come with swimming pools, and a yard that is big enough for you to build a Jungle Jim playground for your children.

Prices for cottages for sale in Midrand start from as little as R500 000.

You can start by contacting an estate agent and buy property for sale in Midrand. However, classified adverts are also a better option as you can go through some of the various properties on your phone or tablet, and by the time you decide whether you want to stay at a complex, penthouse or cottage, you can get in your car and go view the property.

For houses for sale in Midrand, visit the Junk Mail website for deals on property for sale.

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