3 Women Helping Shape SA

Women have been a part of social change for decades, creating a mainstay of normality and function.

To honour women for Women’s Day on Tuesday the 9th of August; Junk Mail is showcasing 3 women that harness change for the better of society. So we chose 3 women that serve their functions well, but who are not always revered.

And here they are:

Khanyi Dhlomo

Founder of Destiny magazine and catalyst of liberation. Khanyi founded Destiny magazine in 2007 and creates a myriad of tools for women through her magazine and online offering ‘Destiny Connect’. Khanyi leverages mentorships to enable women of South Africa for the future.  The magazine is an all-in-one good read that launched not too long ago, but fast became an SA women favourite.

Antwanette Currie

Executive assistant to the MD of Junk Mail.  Antwanette helps manage the systems and operations at the big publisher. Despite her involved day, she has initiated A.R.K- (Acts of Random Kindness) where staff donate and contribute to empower local charities. She also gives her time and skill as an alternate health therapist to children in need. Antwanette gets staff to acknowledge National Aids Day and blood drives. She has contributed to the shift of how corporations relate to society and its needs.

Candice Moodley

Candice often befriended the screens of young South Africa, with a 10 year presenting role on KTV (Kids Television). Apart from other media and TV appearances, she presents the popular magazine show “Eastern Mosaic”. Candice is a strong role model for girls who are aspiring to occupy a place in TV. Her warm presence on screen can be traced back to her days as a KTV host.

There are so many women who inspire and are inspired by each other in this great country, that we won’t have enough place to fit them all in here. Feel free to comment and write about who gets you “INSPIRED”. by Zaheer Carrim

To read more about Women’s Day, check our post (link below): “You strike a women, you strike a rock”.

National Women’s Day – 9 August – “You strike a woman, you strike a rock”

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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