4 affordable and useful cycling accessories on Junk Mail

If you’re a hardcore cycling enthusiast you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m featuring 4 affordable and useful cycling accessories on Junk Mail. These accessories are guaranteed to improve your overall cycling experience – just check the list of bargains below if you don’t believe me.

Tool Bag & Pumps For Sale – R100

Need to pump your bike’s tyres on the fly? Then this s just what you need! An advertiser in Midrand is selling this package which includes one big stand up pump, one mini pump, a tool bag and a tyre lever. This useful cycling accessory is brand new and it’s selling at a real bargain price.

Tool Bag and Pump For Sale

Lake CX 165 Road Shoes for sale – R500

Need some road cycling shoes? Well, this advertiser in Johannesburg is selling this pair. They are brand new because the owner bought the wrong size. These cycling shoes are black and silver and are size 9 & 3/4 size. If these shoes will fit you they’re guaranteed to improve your road cycling experience.

Lake Road Shoes

Carbon Face Polar S725 Heart Rate Monitor for sale – R1,000

This Polar heart rate monitor has a small scratch on glass and another scratch on the left next to the button. It’s still working 100%. You will need a new heart rate strap because the current one is a little worn out, but the transmitter is perfect. The old strap is still available if you need it. This deal from a Johannesburg advertiser includes a heart rate transmitter, 2 handlebar mounts, 2 speed sensors, a manual, a bag, a CD and an infrared USB dongle (so you can upload data to your computer). It’s a pretty useful accessory for hardcore cycling enthusiasts.

Heart Rate Monitor

Thule Hang-On Bike Rack for sale – R1,000

Travelling around a lot to places where you could ride your bike? Getting tired of duct taping your bicycle to the top of your vehicle? Well, then this Thule Hang-On 972 bike rack is just the thing that you need. It can handle up to 3 bikes and the best feature is that you can tilt it to get your stuff out of the boot.

Bike Rack

There you have it, 4 affordable and useful cycling accessories on Junk Mail. If you’re not looking for accessories, you’re more than welcome to check out the classifieds for racing bikes, mountain bikes or cycling trainers for sale in the cycling section on Junk Mail, you’ll find bargains like these there too.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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