4 of the best Harley-Davidson motorbikes you have to try

From its infant days in 1903, to becoming one of the most noted motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Harley-Davidson offers its riders passion and the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of motorcycling the way it was always meant to, freely and riding always.

Here is a list of 4 of the best Harley-Davidson motorcycles you can find in South Africa:

1. SuperLow 1200T


Remodelled to be brawny, tour oriented, with lockable saddlebags and a removable switchback-style windshield; the Superlow 1200T is clearly the improved version of the Superlow 883. You can never go wrong as you get on your beautifully modelled light and easy to handle machine, to ride amongst our South African riders.

You can purchase a SuperLow 1200T Harley-Davidson motorcycle at any of the available Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers in the Gauteng province.

2. FXDF Fat Bob


Loved for its big, chunky tyres, solid wheels and slap-shaped gas tank; this motorbike is known for its beautiful structure.

The 2014 Fat Bob is a Dark Custom, established to enhance your masculinity and make you seem fearless. If you love performance power, hill climbing and adventurous riding, this is the motorcycle for you.

And as South Africa is one of the most developing countries in the world, the sales of the Harley Davidson Fat Bob are growing just as the fascination of nature by the South African community is growing.

3. FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic


Retro is a style that is just continuing to grow in the world. This Harley-Davidson motorcycle offers you the modern technological touring capabilities. It includes leather studded saddlebags, so if you are the old school biker this is the perfect motorcycle for you.

The motorcycle has a large capacity fuel tank to give you the enjoyment of riding for miles and miles without worrying about where the nearest petrol station is.

If you are wondering if you can get yourself this motorcycle, you can visit your nearest motoring dealerships and you can trade in your car for a motorcycle and save a lot of money.

4. V-Rod Muscle


For a drag-style performance ride, this is a motorcycle that can easily enhance the features of your bike and literally make you feel as though you are just gliding on the road.

Harley-Davidson provides you an incredible torque with the cleverly hidden anti-lock braking system and Brembo brakes to smoothly ease it to a stop. This motorcycle has a liquid cooled 1250cc Revolution engine meaning higher power handling turns, and a complete revamped looked to give you that fierce look.

While the question of custom trike motorcycle building in Gauteng is always the question that comes up as most people want to customize their trikes. There is a company that designs and builds trikes in South Africa called ‘Fusion Muscle Trikes’. They operate in the Gauteng Province in Pretoria, so if you want your trikes built you can search them on the internet and start building trikes.

It is because of the amazing Harley-Davidson line-up of their motorbikes and their dynamic features, the big engines, the comfy seats and the fact that you can customize your motorcycle the way you want that makes Harley-Davidson motorcycles the better option.

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