4th Dedicated Junk Mail Cape Town fan

It is no secret that Junk Mail Cape Town is on the hunt  for their most loyal Junk Mail Cape Town fan. Finding this super dedicated Junk Mail Cape Town fan has been quite a challenge.

To make the hunt a little easier, we asked all of our fans to share their real-life stories on the Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook page. These daily testimonials have really inspired us and the rest of our fans to believe in the power of local classifieds.

Today, we challenged all our fans to show us their Real Junk Mail Cape Town Deals. Cape Town came to the challenge and loaded pictures of the stuff that they had bought and sold on Junk Mail Cape Town along with their short stories. There was a flood of entries and we are astounded at what our fans have managed to buy and sell over the years to make extra cash.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Cape Town fans for entering today’s challenge. There were so many stories that absolutely blew us away that we had to highlight the top 10 tales that showed the world what Junk Mail Cape Town is all about.  Junk Mail Cape Town is not only a classifieds, but a community were we all come together when we need to buy or sell one of our treasured items. Buying and selling is what brings us all together as one big happy Junk Mail Cape Town family. Thank you for keeping the Junk Mail Cape Town story going!

These are the top 10 stories in Day 4 of the Junk Mail Cape Town ‘Tell Us Your Story competition: 

Gemma Johnson

Abigail Moodley

Tracey-Lee TLC Caderberg

Lee William Oliver

Rabe JunkMail Mutondwa

Isgak Abrahams

>Shelley Swart

Monica Salvatore Botha

Kimaya Vinayla

Shameez Jeppe Liederman

Congratulations to Shameez Jeppe Liederman for sending her Junk Mail Cape Town storyboard. You not only told your story but you shared your testament with all  of your friends. This is more than dedication and we hope to see you and your friends buying and selling on Junk Mail Cape Town soon!

To be tomorrow’s daily R2000 cash prize winner, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit our Junk Mail Cape Town Facebook Fan page to share your real-life Junk Mail Cape Town story.
  2. Enter until tomorrow at (the 17th of February 2012) at 3 PM
  3. Tell all your friends on Facebook how much you love Junk Mail Cape Town to increase your chances of winning. The more you share… the more chances you have of being rewarded by the Junk Mail crew.
  4. Then keep an eye on our Fan page for the winner announcement after 3 PM tomorrow to see if you have won.

For the full Terms and Conditions of the competition please visit this link.

There is only one more day left to enter your Junk Mail Cape Town story, so if you have a real-life story to share now is the time. Go to our Facebook wall and  leave your story right now and you could be the last R2000 daily winner for this week.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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