4×4 Trailers to Match Africa’s Unforgiving Terrain

If you love camping and off-roading, have you ever considered finding 4×4 trailers for sale? Today the Junk Mail team takes a look at some of the off road trailer options in South Africa that will help you conquer the rugged African terrain. From the Conqueror Conquest to Venter trailers for sale, we tackle some of the best options in the off road trailer category.


Conqueror Trailers

When it comes to off road trailers, the range of trailers from Conqueror are quite pophular and, looking at these stunning pieces of camp ease, it is not hard to see why. Featuring a whole range of off road trailers for sale, Conqueror brand features seven models, each with its own set of specifications and ‘luxuries’.

For this post, we are going to tell you more about the Conqueror Conquest and Comfort models.

The Conqueror Conquest

The Conqueror Conquest (or more specifically the Conquest II) boasts main features that include a 2.5 ton axle, a 2.1 metre by 2.1 metre bed and shock absorbers.

In terms of layout and apart from the bed, these trailers offer a side room (with a floor space of 2.1 metre by 2.1 metre), a side kitchen that offers a stunning work surface, an in-built sliding rail that is suited for an 80 litre fridge, and 12V outlets.

The Conquest from Conqueror trailers are also equipped with military rip stop canvas tents, an all-round awning and a fitted light in the main compartment. The body parts of these versatile trailers are NC manufactured, electro galvanised and epoxy coated.

Designated mounting are also a great feature of these trailers, providing space for a water tank, your camping table, jerry cans, a spare wheel and even designated spaces for your batteries, to name but a few examples.


Conqueror Comfort

The name says it all. This Conqueror trailer for sale, like the Conquest, features a 2.1 metre by 2.1 metre bed and an L-Shaped kitchen that boasts not only a wash-up basin, but nifty drawers as well. The Conqueror Comfort is truly a unique trailer and offers a 200V gas operated geyser, a full list of designated mountings for everything from your batteries to your table, and a cabinet for toiletries.

Space is also not an issue. With wolf pack drawers, a specially built nose cone and hot and cold water on demand, this trailer is guaranteed to up the comfort of any camper. Tents in the Conqueror trailers are made of military rip stop canvas materials and easy to set up.

With this model you can also expect an awning, door seals used in the automotive industry and a 150 litre water tank. A removable jockey wheel, heavy duty shock absorbers and a 2.5 ton solid beam axle are just some of the other features.

Conqueror comfort for sale

Conqueror Trailers: The Conquest vs the Conqueror Comfort

Height1 588 mm1 765 mm
Width1 720 mm1 785 mm
Total Length3 455 mm3 910 mm

If these two models do not tickle your interests, why not look at another model conqueror trailer for sale? Other trailers for sale include the Commander, Campion, the Compact II, the Supra II and the Courage models.

Echo Trailers

Echo trailers are another well-known brand of 4×4 trailers for sale in South Africa. Offering six different models to choose from, Echo trailers are also a popular choice among many South Africans. Today, we want to highlight the Echo 6 and Echo 1 models.

The Echo 6 Off Road Trailer

A newly launched off road trailer, the Echo 6 was developed over a span of three years, resulting in a trailer that features high tech design features that allow for maximum space and a reduced weight. These trailers have two suspension options and have a rugged yet light galvanised ladder type chassis.

Even the paint on the Echo 6 is highly durable, boasting a resistance to corrosion, scratches and rubbing. Featuring a main bed, a side tent and a standard awning, your family and friends are covered.

With ample smart and functional storage space, in-built compartments, a power panel and tons of awesome extras, these Echo 6 models are well suited to take on Africa’s rugged terrain.

echo6 trailer

Specifications for the Echo 6

Tare1 588 mm
GVM1 720 mm
Axle2 500 kilogrammes Braked

Other options available from Echo Trailers include the Echo 2.

Echo 1 4×4 Trailer

Offering you the basics, the Echo 1 trailers are made of durable materials that are tough and light in weight. Reliable and easy to tow, these off road trailers for sale feature an n80 AMP Hours Deep Cycle Battery capacity and the tents that have become synonymous with Echo trailers.

Coming standard with a spare wheel and boasting a total volume of 1 330 litres, the Echo 1 also comes with a range of optional extras and accessories.

Echo 1 4x4 trailer

Specifications for the Echo 1

Width1 800 mm
Height1 530 mm
Total Length 3 420 mm

Other Echo trailers for sale include the Echo Roadster, Echo 3, Echo 4, the Echo Kickstart and Echo 5.

An Off Road Trailer from Bushwakka

Bushwakka is another stunning option if you are looking for 4×4 trailers for sale capable of tackling Africa. The Safari Weekender 4×4 Off-Road Trailer offers stunning features that includes a well-designed kitchen.

These off road trailers are light in weight and are great for young couples just starting out. Though it is not fully equipped with the top of the range equipment and accessories, it does take benefit from this fact, offering a lower towing weight, enabling owners of smaller SUVs to join in the fun.

Compact in design and offering great storage, these little beauties are glorious when it comes to off road circumstances and even offers spacious trailer tent options.


Bushwakka Safari Weekender 4x4 Off-Road Trailer

Width1 000 mm
Height700 mm
Length 1 800 mm
Tare450 kilogrammes
GVM1 500 kilogrammes
Volume Capacity1 000 litres

Venter Trailers with a 4×4 Twist

Venter trailers have been around since this writer can remember and, keeping with the rugged African terrain, you can also find Venter trailers for sale that will meet your tough needs.

The Hunter Offroader

One of the off road trailers for sale from Venter, the Hunter Offroader is large in size and comes with a heavy-duty coupler and brakes. This specific model was designed with Hunters in mind and features a reinforced chassis for heavier loads.

Some of its outstanding features include a heavy duty roof rack, a large nose cone giving great storage space, multi-functional LED lights and an adjustable jockey wheel, to name but a few examples.

This Venter trailer for sale has an axle capacity of 2 500 kilogrammes, two Gabriel shock absorbers and even four designated spaces for jerry cans.


Bushbaby Venter Trailer

Improving over the years of its existence, the Bushbaby Venter trailer has become very well-suited for off road adventures. Available in both a braked and unbraked version, today we focus on the Bushbaby Braked off road trailers.

Some of the outstanding features of these 4×4 trailers for sale include a heavy duty steel roof rack, an axle capacity of 1 500 kilogrammes and 2 Gabriel shock absorbers. With multi-functional LED lights, two jerry can holders that can be pad locked, a spare wheel and a large nosecone.

Your optional equipment available for the Bushbaby include a tent fitted as well as a gas stove. The nose cones of these Venter trailers for sale can also benefit from a range of fridge/freezers available.

4x4 camping Trailer

Venter Off Road Trailers: The Hunter Offroader vs the Bushbaby

Hunter OffroaderBushbaby
Overall Height1 670 mm1 640 mm
Overall Width1 720 mm1 760mm
Total Length3 800 mm1 760 mm
Tare Mass620 kilogrammes360 kilogrammes
GVM2 250 kilogrammes1 470 kilogrammes
Payload1 480 kilogrammes1 100 kilogrammes

Venter Trailers also offer a selection of other off road trailers including the Savuti.

Top Tip: If you prefer a more comfortable and luxurious option, check out our post on Amazing Caravans to Suit Every Trip.

Ready to find awesome 4×4 trailers for sale at an affordable price? Browse through Junk Mail’s collection of online classifieds to find off road trailers for sale that will meet all your camping and off road needs. Selling your trailer? Place your FREE AD now!

4x4 Trailers

4x4 Trailers to Match Africa’s Unforgiving Terrain
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