5 Awesome free Photo Editing apps for iPad Air

iPad-for-sale-South-AfricaDid you know that your iPad Air is not only a useful tool for organising your life, doing business, browsing the Internet, listening to music and watching movies? It’s also a very handy device in the hands of the budding photographer and photo editor.

With your iPad Air you can take pretty decent, HD photos, whether it’s a #selfie, family pic, sports moment or nature scenery, edit it beautifully and distribute it yourself. I’ve compiled a list of 5 of my own personal favourite, fun-to-use, free to download, iOS apps for iPad to edit your photos so it looks as though a real professional did it! These apps also allow you to easily save and share your edited photos on your preferred social media… Because, what good is a stunning photo, if no one gets to see or comment on it?

1. PS Express
It’s Photoshop on-the-go. Easy-to-use functionality for editing any photo, including tools, adjustments, filters, effects, borders, as well as in-app purchase options for even more variety in editing features. Regularly updated, this is one of the top apps for photo editing on an iOS device.

2. Moldiv
What makes this app great, apart from having the usual great photo editing options, is that you can combine 2, 3 up to 4 pictures, as well as overlay your photo with text in cool fonts.

3. VSCOCam
What I love about VSCOCam is its filters. Different to filters on most other photo editing apps, VSCOCam gives your photos an unusual “arty” and sophisticated look.

4. SnapSeed
Another great alternative for editing your photos. With SnapSeed you can really play with the intensity of filters and adjustments, to get it looking just right.

5. Instagram
Probably the most popular of the bunch, and the pioneer in photo filters. Instagram is not only a photo editor, but a social media channel. You can adjust and apply awesome filters on your photos on Instagram, and post it directly from there onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for your friends and family to enjoy.

These apps will quite literally make you “look good”… Download them free from the Apple App Store today and start your photo adventure. Don’t have an iPad yet? For great deals on these devices in your area, look for an iPad Air for sale on Junk Mail, the King in Hi-tech bargains…

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  1. fotosage says:

    t’s incredible what a difference good editing apps can make on your photos, so true, I am a fan of Snapseed but will be trying REPIX now based on your recommendation. Thanks for a great blog post!

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