5 Basic Bonsai Tree care tips

With our Bonsai tree care tips you can make sure that your miniature tree gets everything that it needs. From how to water your Bonsai to selecting the right soil, you can discover helpful information by reading our blog. With easy to follow tips, why not find Bonsai trees for sale on Junk Mail?

What is a Bonsai tree?

A Bonsai tree refers to a miniature tree which is grown in a container. This tradition has been practiced for more than a thousand years. These trees are created for the pleasure of the viewer and enthusiasts can test their cultivation skills by growing their own Bonsais.

A Bonsai can be grown from a wide range of perennial trees and shrubs. These trees are grown in small containers and their leaves and roots are pruned to maintain their miniature stature.

bonsai tree in the sun

Bonsai Tree Care

Before you find Bonsai trees for sale, you will need to know how to look after your tree. Here are five Bonsai tree care tips to get you started.

Water your bonsai tree when the soil is dry

The frequency that you water your Bonsai tree depends on the type of tree, its size and the climate. Therefore, the most important guideline to follow is to give your tree more water when the soil in the pot is dry. Once you get to know your tree, you will gain a better understanding of how frequently to water it. The type of soil that you use effects the frequency of watering and you can add extra Akadama if you want to water your tree less frequently.

The tree should be watered with a gentle spray of water until its root system is soaked.

soaking the soil of the bonsai tree

Choosing the right soil

The soil that you choose for your Bonsai has a crucial impact on its health. Drainage is important, however, the soil should also absorb sufficient water for the tree. Soil with insufficient drainage can cause the roots to rot while soil with too much drainage can result in a shortage of water.

Combining Akadama with pumice and adding lava rock results in a good soil consistency. The soil that you choose will also depend on the climate that you live in.

Fertilising your miniature tree

Adding fertiliser to the soil in the container is an important part of Bonsai tree care, especially during periods of increased growth. Fertiliser adds important nutrients to the soil. Essential nutrients include Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. When you are selecting the fertiliser it is important to take the type of tree and the time of year into account.

Outdoor trees should be fertilised from the start of spring until the middle of autumn while indoor trees benefit from fertilisers throughout the year. Both solid and liquid fertilisers are available.

roots of the bonsai tree


Choosing the right location

The placement of your tree determines how much sunshine it gets. Your Bonsai tree can be placed indoors or outdoors – the most import thing is that it receives sufficient sunlight. If you choose to add a Bonsai to your home, make sure that you place it near a window.

These miniature trees add a sense of tranquillity to your living or work space. Their unique qualities make them an eye-catching feature that contributes to the style of the room. The type of tree that you own will impact its placement.

The Jade Bonsai is well-suited to an indoor environment.

perfectly placed bonsai trees

Pruning your Bonsai tree

An important part of Bonsai tree care is pruning its leaves regularly. The goal of pruning is to maintain the aesthetically appealing shape of the tree. Removing some of its top growth encourages leaves to grow in other areas of the plant.

Make sure that you use Bonsai clippers to trim the tree as well as to get rid of dead branches.

Now that you know a little more about taking care of these trees, you can find Bonsai trees for sale on Junk Mail. With the right care your Bonsai tree will thrive in no time. Remember, each tree is different, so be sure you understand your tree’s specific requirements.

5 Basic Bonsai Tree care tips
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5 Basic Bonsai Tree care tips
From how to water your Bonsai tree, to selecting the right soil, you can discover helpful information and tips by reading this Junk Mail post.
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