5 Crazy Pieces of Furniture you’ll want to own

Furniture is something that is a more important part of our homes than we think. We use it every day. Here are 5 pieces of crazy furniture that might not be 100% as useful as their normal counterparts, but they sure will be a more interesting addition than normal furniture. Would you buy any of these?

Beaver Cabinet

Why settle for a bland normal cabinet when you can have one that looks like it was attacked by ‘n beaver? This would be a great piece for a child room or for your husbands bar. After all, men will always be boys.

Straight line designs beaver cabinet

Little Black Dresser

Every woman needs a dresser for all her little thing that men will never understand. How about this Little Black Dresser. It looks like a sexy little black number. This would also make a very special gift for her.

straight line designs little black dresser

Canned Bench

A bench is something that many of us have in our homes, but none of our benches will start a conversation as quickly as the Canned Bench, It even comes with a little table for your drink.

straight line designs canned bench

Bad Table Coffee Table

Ever thought what it might look like if your coffee table lifted it’s leg and starting peeing on your floor? Neither have I, but we won’t have to wonder. The Bad Table coffee table shows us exactly what it would look like.

straight line designs bad table

Oops! Cabinet

This is perfect for you little boy’s room. Why would he want a normal and boring cabinet if could have the Oops! cabinet? This is a piece of furniture that ever boy I know would want to have in his room and really who can blame them?

straight line designs oops cabinet


For more furniture by Straight Line Design have a look at their website.

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