5 Main Reasons Why Your Junk Mail Adverts Get Rejected

Have you ever wondered why your free adverts sometimes get rejected off the Junk Mail site? It is pretty clear that not all of you know why your free adverts sometimes don’t make it online. We thought it is about time we sit you down and give you the whole nine yards. After all, we want you to have all the tools you need to buy and sell for free.

Our adverts are free but at the end of the day it can’t be a free for all. We have a few free ad rules in place to make sure con artists and chancers are chopped off from our site as fast as the John Strauss’s beard.

If you don’t want your free adverts to be rejected we suggest you pay attention. As they say in Hollywood, “it’s now or never!” This means it is time for you to switch off your iPod, stop Facebooking (if that is even a word) and step up as the rightful Free Ad placing King.

When you read on, you will be enlightened with a golden guide to the 5 main reasons why the Junk Mail Proofreading team will reject your adverts:

H is for “Hoax ad.” You will receive this reject reason in your inbox when the Junk Mail proofreading team thinks that your advert is a hoax or prank. Why you ask? Well, first off the price on the item is much lower than market value and the deal seems “too good to be true.” These are just two of the signs that this ad is a hoax.  Once your advert is suspected as a hoax it is totally rejected from our site (after all it is Junk Mail’s duty to protect our buyers from tricksters).  If you are not a trickster and we have put you into the wrong hat (so to speak), please contact our customer care team and they will make sure your advert reappears in no time.

R is for Repeat ad: This is the most common of the reject reasons. Let us shed some light and tell you why repeat adverts are disregarded. Junk Mail thrives on fresh and unique content (makes sense so far right?). When you repeat the same advert 20 times you become an ad spammer. No one likes a spammer. This is why you can only place one advertfor the same item per week. At the end of the week you are welcome to repeat your advert as we do understand that you need to refresh your advert to get more eyeballs to sell your stuff. It is also good to remember that Junk Mail’s free adverts must be placed in 1 category and 1 region. If you place the exact same advert in several cities you become a spammer with a cloak. Remember that we see you placing those millions of ads and you will be rejected soon. When you are a business that offers services in numerous cities it is a good idea to click on the ‘Trade Ad’ option.

Ex is for Exact Duplicate: Our system and our proof readers are pretty good at spotting an exact duplicate. What is an exact duplicate you say? Well, it’s when you place an ad which is the same as another advert that you have placed more than once with the same wording and image. If your advert is rejected for this reason it means that one of the adverts you have placed has already been accepted on the site and the other copy of this ad has now been rejected. Don’t be a copycat rather be as original as top three most viewed ads on Junk Mail.

C is for Commercial ad: As you may remember, there are a few free ads we don’t allow on our site. Most of these adverts are classified as commercial ads. What is a commercial ad you ask? The following adverts fall into the commercial ad category: Pitbulls, Financial Services, Weight Loss Products and Blacklisting Services.You will receive a reject message if your advert falls into one these commercial advert categories. If you would like to place a commercial ad you will need to pay for this service. When your ad is rejected as a commercial ad, this ad is immediately referred to our Commercial Sales Department. No need to fret because one of our agents will give you a call about and quote you on your commercial ad soon.

I is for Invalid. If your advert is rejected as invalid this is like the monopoly go to jail signal. Basically your advert is misleading, offensive, illegal and is not allowed by SA advertising laws. Examples of these adverts are explained in our List of Advert Types Not Allowed on Junk Mail post.

Now that you know why your free adverts sometimes get rejected, it probably makes way more sense on how you can become the ultimate free ad placing king.

If you receive any of the above reject messagesand would like to question the validity of the rejection, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Department at ccc@junkmail.co.za during office hours.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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