5 Popular Large Dog Breeds on Junk Mail

The pets category have always been on the most popular list among Junk Mail users. To give you an idea, there are currently more than 40,000 classifieds listed in the pets category on Junk Mail. The pets category have been very useful for pet-owning Junk Mail users.

The Dogs and Puppies category is definitely the most popular among all the pets categories on Junk Mail. More than 20,000 dogs and puppies classifieds (50% of all Pet classifieds) are currently active on the Junk Mail website.

The following 5 large dog breeds are the most popular among Junk Mail users:

German Shepherd (more than 350 classifieds on Junk Mail): This large dog breed has its origins in Germany and is actually one of the youngest dog breeds in the world. In case you didn’t know, the German Shepherd is also known as an Alsatian. The German Shepherd dog breed was originally developed for herding and guarding sheep.

Because it’s such a strong breed, very intelligent and is ideal for obedience training this breed of dog is often used by police and military around the globe. Many South Africans consider the German Shepherd breed as an excellent guard dog breed.

Great Dane (More than 450 classifieds on Junk Mail): This large dog breed is notorious for its humongous size. The Great Dane is one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. The current world record holder (Zeus) stands a whopping 122 cm tall.

Great Danes were originally bred to hunt deer and wild boar in Europe. The Great Dane has a good disposition. They’re often referred to as “Gentle Giants”.

Great Danes are generally charming and affectionate and they are playful and patient with children. Great Danes are also known for not barking too much and only becoming aggressive when circumstances require it of them.

Rottweiler (more than 550 classifieds on Junk Mail): This breed features some medium to large sized dogs.  Rottweilers are powerful, calm, trainable, courageous and devoted to their owners and family. They are also loyal and protective and are known for defending their family fiercely.

Many dog lovers in South Africa consider Rottweilers as the ultimate guard dog to protect their property. In case you didn’t know this breed of dog was used as a herd dog, guard dog and messenger dog during the Middle Ages.

Today Rottweilers are also used by authorities as search and rescue dogs as well as guide dogs for the blind and police dogs.

Labrador (More than 1,100 classifieds on Junk Mail): This breed is also referred to as the Labrador Retriever. Labradors are athletic, love to swim and to play catch and retrieve games. They are also very good with kids, the elderly and good watchdogs. Labradors are also very popular guide dogs.

In case you did not know, the Labrador’s ancestors actually had their origin in Newfoundland (an island that’s now part of Canada). They have been around since the 1820s. Labradors are one of the most popular large dog breeds in South Africa.

Boerboel (More than 1,200 classifieds on Junk Mail): This South African breed was specifically bred for the purpose of guarding the homestead. The Boerboel is arguably the most popular guard dog breed among pet owners in South Africa.

Breeding a Boerboel has become a hobby and an industry in South Africa over the years. Nowadays Boerboels are exported from South Africa to other parts of the world. They’re a very intelligent and energetic dog breed. Boerboels are known to be loyal dogs that are great with kids and very protective over their family and their territory.

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Please note: Junk Mail has very strict policies regarding pet advertisers and classifieds. Junk Mail does not approve of backyard breeding and the mistreating of animals. Junk Mail also works closely with organizations like Wet Nose to make sure that our Pets classifieds are not abused by persons who mistreat animals, have puppy mill operations or practice backyard breeding.

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