5 things your mom ACTUALLY wants for Mother’s Day

So Mother’s Day is on Sunday. I’m sure you already have an amazing day planned out for that special lady and picked out and wrapped the perfect gift already, right? Right…

Be honest, you don’t have anything planned yet and you’re now ‘Googling’ frantically “what to get Mom for Mother’s Day”…

You’re probably also wondering what gift (that would fit into your budget) could possibly say ‘thank you’ to the one lady that dedicated her entire life to look after you, or your children if you’re a husband reading this, and sacrificed all that she really wanted, so that you could have what you want? Yeah, no gift could do that…

So back to square one. What to get Mom for Mother’s Day then?


I’ve done a bit of research. Spoke to some moms. And it’s simple. Although they wouldn’t mind it, they don’t really want some expensive gift. What mom really wants this Mother’s Day are simple, inexpensive ‘things’ that would mean a whole lot to her and make her feel extra special and appreciated.

A bit of time to herself

Moms are wonderful, selfless human beings who offer up most of their time to run around after and care for their kids and family. Moms rarely get a bit of time to themselves to do just what they want to do. Give her a bit of ‘me’ time this Mother’s Day to spend it however she wants.


She might want to spend the day reading a book she’s been longing to read, take a long, relaxing nap, go to the gym by herself, shopping for new clothes, do arts and crafts, paint or whatever. Just let her do what makes her heart content…

Relief from her usual ‘Mom’ duties

Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry. Shopping for groceries. Driving the kids around. Those are the usual ‘Mom’ duties. Why not give her a break from all of it…


Cook her a delicious meal (and clean up afterwards), tidy up the house, offer to do the laundry, take the kids on an outing so she could rest, do the week’s grocery shopping and stock the fridge and pantry for her. It may seem like menial tasks to you, but to her, it would mean the world if you took over for while.

Those things she asked you to do a long time ago, done

Remember six months ago when she asked you to hang those portraits for her and you promised you would do it? Or help her build trays for her herb garden, or fix that annoying noise coming from the tumble dryer?


Well, whatever it is she asked you, don’t procrastinate any longer. Show how much you appreciate all she does for you by doing something for her. If you can’t do it yourself, get someone else to do it. But just get it done. It will make her heart very happy.

A pamper day

Being a mom is hard work and time-consuming, and they rarely get the opportunity to focus on themselves and their own grooming. They’re primarily concerned with making sure dad and the kids are well looked after, before even thinking of themselves.


But believe it or not, moms are also human, and they’re women after all. They also want to be pampered and to look and feel their best. So perhaps this Mother’s Day, spoil her with a day at the Spa or send her to get her hair and nails done.

Gifts made with love

Love is the stuff moms are made of. So nothing would bring her more joy than a gift made with love from the ones she loves the most. Put a bit of thought and creativity into it and make something incredible to gift your mom with this Mother’s Day.


Use tools like Pinterest and YouTube to find great DIY tutorials for gifts that would be perfect for that special lady in your life. You could make her a goodie jar filled with pamper treats like homemade sugar scrub, bath bombs and body butter, a jewellery box, painted flower pots, photo cubes capturing her precious memories with you and so much more. It won’t cost you a fortune and it will be a gift she’ll treasure forever.

Not sure you’ll have time to make mom a gift in time for Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, she’s forgive you. Get her something she’ll love from her favourite store, a gift card, or something that would usually be expensive, at a steal price on www.JunkMail.co.za. You’ll also find loads of gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

5 things your mom ACTUALLY wants for Mother’s Day
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5 things your mom ACTUALLY wants for Mother’s Day
Mom deserves the very best gift this Mother's Day, but it's not necessarily the most expensive gift that will make her heart happy...
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Junk Mail
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