5 Tips for placing the perfect advert

There are tens of thousands of free ads placed each day on free classifieds sites like Junk Mail. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to know how to place the perfect advert and how to manage your free classified ads to get the best results.


Here are 5 top tips to place awesome, effective classified ads:

1. Advert Title (Ad Title)

The ad title is the most important things to get right when you use free advertising sites like Junk Mail. Simply put, you need to make your ad title short, but it should indicate what you are selling. When you post free ads, the best way to think about it is “What would I type into Google if I wanted to find my ad?”. Some advertisers put in Mr. or Mrs. in the ad title field, thinking that it is their title that they need to put into the form field, sadly their ads will be hard to find. Buyers want to find what they are looking for quickly and the best way for them to find your ad is by thinking what they would search for and using that as your advert title.


An Example of a bad and a good Junk Mail Ad Title.

2. Images / photos

Images are the second most important thing in regards to your free classified ads. A buyer will make a decision to contact the advertiser in a split second and that is where images come in. If there is no image or photo of what is being advertised the ad will be less eye catching than ads with images or photos. The clearer the images the better, and more is definitely more when it comes to images. Remember that, when you post free ads on Junk Mail, you can upload up to 25 images per advert.


An Example of a Junk Mail Ad with and without an image.

3. Contact Number

Supplying a number you can be contacted on is the third most important thing. The more avenues you give to be contacted on, the better your chance is of getting a response on your classified ads and getting the item sold. If 2 exact adverts are placed; one with only an email address and the other one with both an email address and contact number, the one with only an email address will technically have half the chance of being contacted because some buyers will want to phone or WhatsApp rather than email.


Email and Number fields on the Junk Mail Free Ad Form.

4. Price

Barring the 3 points above; if you really want to make a very quick sale your price must be competitive. Check the price of similar classified ads before you decide on a price. If two exact ads are placed; the one with a better price will get the most response. You can also use words like “Bargain” and “Urgent” (even use the hashtag variant e.g. #bargain) so that if someone searches for the word “bargain” on the Junk Mail search bar they would see your ad.


Entering your price on the Junk Mail Free Ad form.

5. Edit, Repeat and Promote

The best results come from doing the 4 points above but, placing an advert is not an exact science and you should play around by editing the ad title, images and price to see what gives you the best result. You should repeat your free ads every week to push it to the top of free search results if you still need it advertised, but the best will be to use edit and repeat in conjunction with each other. If you want to really make your advert stand out, you can promote it to the homepage of Junk Mail on the Homepage Gallery or as a Top Ad in search results (or both). To promote your ad please send an email to promotemyads@junkmail.co.za or call 012 432 2976. You can also visit our Promoted Adverts Tag on the Blog to learn more.


Your Junk Mail Account Dashboard for managing your Ads.

Free classifieds are extremely competitive. Luckily there are many other tips and tricks to make your free ads more visible and competitive on free advertising sites like Junk Mail. Don’t forget to share your ads on social media like the Junk Mail Buy and Sell Group.

Now that you know more about placing free classified ads, why not give these tips a try? Post free ads and sell fast by visiting www.JunkMail.co.za.


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5 Tips for placing the perfect advert
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5 Tips for placing the perfect advert
It is more important than ever to know how to place the perfect advert on Junk Mail and how to manage your free classified ads to get the best results.
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