5 Top Tips to Identify Scams

Scams are now targeting specific groups in our society. The vulnerable cross-section of the society is threatened with a death-threat scam. Loan defaulters are enticed with foreclosure scams. The student community is duped by phishing frauds.

It seems to be part of their new game plan to target only those who are most likely to fall victim to their scams. Since the scam would appeal to the targeted individuals, they may be reluctant to question its authenticity. This prevents word about the scam from spreading around.

But, enough said, about fraudsters and their guile. Here go, the five top tips that will reveal any and all of their scams:

  1. Take time before committing anything on an offer. If you are asked to respond immediately to an impossible offer, then take it as an indication that the individual/company is pressurizing and counting on you to make a hasty decision. Well, Don’t!
  2. Discuss the offer with friends. They might be aware of the offer being a scam. If that is not the case, then, being unaffected, they might at least be able to read between the lines better.
  3. Search for the company, the individuals or the offer on the internet. If it is a scam, chances are you will find all about it online.
  4. If the offer is from a popular company, then confirm the offer with them through independent means. Do not use phone numbers/links/addresses that came with the offer for this purpose.
  5. Use an analogy: Before revealing any personal information to an online request, think whether you would reveal the same to a stranger you met on the street. There is no reason to treat an online request differently.

The proliferation of scams on the internet commonly leads us to view even genuine offers with suspicion. But straining any offer you get, whether online or offline, through these tips will help you to separate the genuine offer from the scam.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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