5 Ways to make Christmas great for Kids

Christmas is a time for everyone to contribute something to someone. It’s what makes this period special and worth the long wait. Many a time we forget to include the children in this. A great way to spread the Christmas spirit is to implement some life skills whilst getting them to contribute.

Junk Mail has come up with 5 ways to do this:

  1. Get them decorating the house, the neighbours house or even a local shop. Origami is a great way to do this and will even teach them the discipline of constructing. There are thousands of guides in libraries and the internet, catered just for kids.
  2. Have a cookie decorating day. Bake the cookies and leave the kids to decorate them for the house guest that are arriving. A great way to implement time management is to give them the responsibility of decorating the cookies before guests arrive.
  3. Have your favourite garden tree decorated with temporary Christmas trinkets. The neighbourhood will become that much festive.
  4. Have a day that focuses on helping others. Volunteer with the kids at a local soup kitchen or care- home and you can show them the value of giving.
  5. Get the kids to send cards or little gifts to their School friends. It’s a great way to get them started on relationship management.

We hope you implement these tips into your Christmas experience. Remember to supervise your kids when getting them involved to ensure a safe environment. Please comment on this post if you have any other ideas.We’d love to hear from you.

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