6 things you can make with a Nutribullet!

Compact, efficient, and affordable, the Nutribullet is the perfect addition to your kitchen. From tasty smoothies to pesto, there is a wide range of recipes that you can prepare using this device. The Nutribullet adds convenience to your healthy lifestyle, so add it to your kitchen arsenal today by finding one for sale on Junk Mail.


1. Soup

When it comes to delicious dinner ideas, soup is an awesome option. You can prepare your favourite soup recipes using your Nutribullet. With a regular model, you’ll have to prepare your soup first and then heat it up once it’s already made. Regular variations can’t handle hot liquids so it’s important to follow these steps. Advanced models come with a heating feature for added convenience. Make a bowl of butternut soup and stay warm this winter or consider making tomato or carrot soup. A cream of spinach or asparagus soup is easy to make while still offering you maximum taste and nutritional value.

2. Juice

Get your day off to a good start by making juice in your Nutribullet. Juicers are expensive, but when you own a Nutribullet, there’s no need to invest in bulky equipment as you can use your Nutribullet to prepare all your favourite juices. If you want to make a smooth fruit juice, all you need to do is strain out the pulp. Pineapple juice is a refreshing and nutritional drink. With so many juicing recipes out there, the possibilities are endless.Making Juices

3. Sauces

Complete your next meal with a yummy sauce that you’ve made in your Nutribullet. All you need to make a delicious Arrabbiata sauce for your pasta dish is tomatoes, onion and red pepper. Add olive oil, garlic and a little chilli for a tasty sauce that is sure to become one of your favourites. It’s easy to make a sauce for a healthy salad using this nifty piece of kitchen equipment. Use nutritional ingredients to make a tasty salad dressing that adds interest to any meal.

4. Smoothies!

No healthy lifestyle is complete without smoothies. Prepare a smoothie in the morning and enjoy a nutritious breakfast on the go. Making a smoothie is quick and easy so it’s the perfect breakfast meal or snack when you’re in a rush. You can use your Nutribullet to make a smoothie bowl, which has a thicker consistency than regular smoothies. Mix up your breakfast smoothie regime with homemade granola bars. Combine seeds and nuts in your Nutribullet with nut butter. Add some dried fruit for extra flavour. Once everything is mixed together, shape the mixture into bars and bake it. Granola bars make the perfect breakfast snack for health-conscious families.

5. Pesto

From pasta to fish, pesto is a great addition to a range of meals. Take your favourite dinner ideas to the next level by adding homemade pesto. Change it up for an extra healthy meal by making spinach pesto. If pesto’s not your thing, try making guacamole. Not only does it taste good, it’s also high in fibre, V-vitamins and potassium. Use your Nutribullet to make smooth Guacamole that your whole family will enjoy. Avocado and lime juice make a great base for this sauce and you can add tomato, onion and garlic for extra flavour.

Ground coffee

6. Ground coffee

Coffee lovers will benefit from investing in a Nutribullet that has a milling blade. With this feature, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee effortlessly. Just put the beans into the Nutribullet and grind them up using the milling blade. Another option is to use your Nutribullet to make a Frappuccino.

The flexibility of Nutribullets, as well as their compact design, set this kitchen equipment apart from the crowd. You can find a range of kitchen equipment for sale on Junk Mail, so it’s easy to make your dinner ideas a reality.

The Nutribullet - 6 things you can make | Junk Mail Blog
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The Nutribullet - 6 things you can make | Junk Mail Blog
The Nutribullet adds convenience to your healthy lifestyle, so add it to your kitchen arsenal today by finding one for sale on Junk Mail.
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