7 awning options for functional outdoor living spaces

Looking for stunning awnings for sale to transform that outdoor space into an exquisite area your family and friends will enjoy? Look no further than Junk Mail! With a selection of awnings to choose from – including aluminium and retractable awnings – your outdoor space will have a new look in no time!


In order to choose the best awning for the job, we wanted to let you know a little more about the different types of awnings South Africa has to offer.

Retractable Awnings

This is a stunning solution if you have a deck, balcony or a patio. Housed in a slim case, these awnings are typically mounted to a wall and only retracted when you want to use it. These awning types can be either automatically or manually operated. So, if you want some shade, simply retract your awning and, on those days you want to enjoy a little sun, you can neatly put it away in its housing.


There are a number of great options available when it comes to retractable awnings. Solara is a well-known awning manufacturer and offers the Folding Arm Awning. Offering customisation options and a number of accessories, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Awning Warehouse also offers a number of great options that include aluminium powder coated arms, different design styles as well as a range of different colours.

If you are looking for more affordable awnings for sale, Junk Mail is perfect. You can choose from a number of different options like this 5 by 3 meter retractable awning priced at R 6 000.


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Fixed Awnings

This type of awning is fixed in place – this means that there is no retracting and neatly putting it away. This option is commonly used for windows and doors, helping to not only create a beautifully finished look, but also offer some protection from the elements.

Do note that a fixed awning can also be found on patios. Using a variety of different material – from acrylic fabrics to steel and aluminium awnings – there are a number of designs you can choose from here. From a more traditional wedge and a boxed look, to a ‘bull nose’ design and a round, ridged edge – there is a design to suit your style and taste.


Junk Mail offers a number of aluminium and fabric awnings for sale. Some of the fabulous options available include these aluminium and acrylic door and window awnings with a starting price of R 2 800.


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If you are in the market for a fixed awning for your patio, this Junk Mail advertiser offers a number of great options. From canvas to aluminium awnings, you can choose between different styles including the Barbados Classic Aluminium Awning and the Caribbean Classic Aluminium Awning.


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An Awning for the Veranda

These types of awnings are also a popular choice in South Africa. Mounted to the outside edge of your roof, this awning type can be lowered and raised according to the sun. A great option for any stoep, this type of awning does not only help to keep the sun at bay, but works beautifully when it’s rainy outside.

Usually equipped with a pulley systems, you can find these awning types in a number of outdoor spaces. Not only great for your own stoep, it is also commonly found at restaurants wishing to close off their outside area when the elements get a little challenging.


Commonly featuring ‘windows’, you can use this type of awning to close off your patio in the winter without sacrificing too much natural light, and open up your outdoor space on those lovely summer days.

A Drop Arm Awning

A drop arm awning is used over windows and doors and can be set at a maximum angle of 90 degrees, allowing you to adjust the awning to suit your needs. No matter where within this 90 degree angle your awning is set, the fabric will remain taught, delivering a versatile and neat outdoor solution.

Note that this type of awning can be manually operated or fitted with a gearbox and motor to make adjusting super easy and quick.

awning-drop arm

Straight Drop or Drop Down Awnings

Similar to the awning types designed for verandas, a straight drop awning can be found on patios and gazebos alike. These awning types are pulled straight down and can work in a number of ways including a spring system or a gear system.


Unlike the awning type commonly found on verandas (that feature ‘windows’), these types are ‘solid’ and can be manufactured from either perforated material (allowing for natural light to flow in) or material that totally blocks out natural light.

Commonly used to keep sun, rain and wind from spoiling your day outside, straight drop awnings are available from a number of manufacturers in South Africa including Solara. If you are looking for an indoor variation of this awning style, you can opt for the Interior Roller Screens, also available from Solara.


A great option available on Junk Mail includes these Drop Down Awnings for sale in Johannesburg. With a number of options to choose from, including perforated fabrics, crank and motorised, you are sure to find a modern and sophisticated solution for your home.


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An Automatic Awning

An automatic awning is a fabulous outdoor solution that is super-easy use. There are a number of options available that can be motorised. These options range to include an arm swing, a folding arm and even a drop down awning.

Retractable awnings can also be fitted with a gearbox and motor, allowing for easy retraction and storage.

A Freestanding Awning

If you are constantly moving around – from the pool to the stoep to the braai area – a freestanding awning might be the right option for you. Completely mobile, these types of awnings are stunning, allowing you to move it around as needed.

With both manual and automatic options available, you can find a freestanding or mobile awning sporting a number of different designs and styles.


Tips for keeping your awning in tiptop shape

As with all things, maintaining and cleaning your awning on a regularly basis will not only help to prolong its life, but its good looks as well. To help you get the best out of your awning, we have compiled a list of some of the things you can do to keep your awning clean and looking good:

  • Be sure to brush off any dirt and dust that may be on your awning – this counts for both fabric and aluminium awnings. This can easily be done by using a broom.
  • You can also hose your awning off – this can help to get rid of more stubborn dirt.
  • If your awning does require a little scrubbing, make sure to use a soft bristle brush (so that you do not harm the fabric) and a light soap solution using a non-corrosive soap like dishwashing liquid.
  • If you did apply any soap to your awning, make sure that it is properly rinsed.
  • Remember to let your fabric dry naturally (air dry) – especially if it is a retractable awning.


Also be sure to check the frame, any hinges, bolts and screws to make sure that they are still well lubricated, undamaged and working properly.

Ready to find an awning for your outdoor space? From a retractable to an aluminium awning – you will find the ideal awnings for sale on Junk Mail! Selling your awnings? Place your free ad on www.JunkiMail.co.za now!

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