The 7 Best Tablets of 2014

Owning a tablet has become the preferred computing device for business individuals and university students. They are much easier to carry to classes or business meetings, and most are designed with the features and performance of a computer.

So why not get yourself a Tablet?

It might seem like an easy decision, but just like computers, buying a Tablet has its low and high peaks. You have to compare prices, performance and reliability; so that you can spend less and get more than you bargained for.

This list will provide you with 7 of the best Tablets of 2014 that you can buy:

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3


This Tablet has the power to write naturally. So instead of typing documents, you can use the surface pen to create your documents.

It is like a merge of tradition and modernity.

2. New iPad Mini with Retina display


This Tablet is like a compact version of the iPad Air. It has all the features of the iPad Air, but with an even better screen resolution.

If you love Tablets, but compact ones that you can just hold with one hand, this particular iPad is for you.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad 8


The Lenovo ThinkPad 8 is like the equivalent of any other Tablet and any other computer. It is made to work as a computer, but also give you the power to use it on the go.

4. Galaxy Note Pro 12.2in


Known as a gargantuan Galaxy, this Tablet is like a computer screen without the keyboard. It is massive. If you enjoy playing games on a big screen computer and are looking for a substitute, this is the Tablet for you.

5. Google Nexus 10


It has super high resolution display, multi user support and immersive HD content for anyone who wants to truly enjoy their Google Apps. It provides you with the best performance and power for those games and applications.

6. Sony Xperia Z2 tablet


It is all about the best of ‘Sony’. Imagine all you can do with this magnificent machine. With 3GB RAM, and its LED screen, it has the perfect screen for when you want to watch videos or take pictures.

7. iPad Air 2


The iPad Air 2 allows you quick access to everything. It weighs 0.453592kg and is 20% thinner. But even though it is so light, it can provide you with a better performance than any other tablet on this list.

When you decide to get yourself a tablet, consider the reasons why you need it. Whether it is for gaming or typing documents and simply surfing the net, take everything into consideration.

But the ones mentioned on this list are the best in terms of screen resolution, performance and power, so whichever one you get, you will not be disappointed.

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