7 Power tools every DIY lover should own

If you love DIY projects, it’s time to find some quality power tools for sale on Junk Mail. With tons of fun, challenging and creative DIY projects waiting out there, it’s time to pull up those sleeves and get your hands dirty.

power tools for DIY Projects

The Do-It-Yourself, more commonly referred to as the DIY, movement has taken the world by storm. Loads of people around the world have found the joy of taking on a project themselves without the help of a professional. Creative freedom, a sense of pride, and the fun that comes with making your own creations make the DIY movement something that has captivated many.

In order to become a real DIY warrior, you will of course, need some power tools. Power tools make any DIY project much easier, and also, much more fun. Feel the rush of plugging in your power tool to cut and drill your way to a new door, or to renovate that closet you’ve hated so much.

With the right power and woodworking tools for sale, any DIY project can be executed like a pro. Here are some of the most useful power tools you can have in your DIY toolkit.

Power tools every DIY’er should own

An Angle Grinder

The angle grinder is a blessing when it comes to your renovation needs. It is primarily used for cutting materials like brick or metal, but can be used on a wide range of materials. Angle grinders are also great for grinding and smoothing things. One of the simplest yet powerful uses of an angle grinder is rust removal. Removing rust from a surface that is still intact can make it look like new!

angle grinder for sale

The Circular Saw

Just because you’re doing your project yourself, doesn’t mean that you don’t want clean, quality results. The circular saw can rotate, allowing you to cut straight and clean lines. While some are intimidated by the might and noise of the circular saw for sale it can save your project from disastrous wood splintering or uneven crosscuts. Circular saws for sale vary in price based on size and power. Choose the right size and power for your DIY project needs.

circular saw


With most DIY projects, you will eventually need a sander. Even if you try to avoid it, any DIY dedicated to quality will one day make use of sanders. The simplest sander available is an electric sander. These are good for sanding wood to a smooth finish. Belt sanders useful for smoothing larger surfaces. An orbital finishing sander is a light and easy sander perfect for beginners and versatile from smoothing flat surfaces to edges.


The Jig Saw

A jig saw is a fun way to express your creativity through materials and a machine. Jigsaws allow you to cut curves and whatever shapes you want into the material of your choice. Jig saws cut quickly and cleanly. You can cut the letters of your name into wood in the style of your choice or cutting a sweeping curve into a sheet of metal. A jig saw is relatively light and one of the most basic and versatile power tools to have.

jig saw

Cordless Drill

The beauty of the cordless drill is in the name – it’s cordless! This power tool uses batteries to let you drill whatever you need, whenever. Having a cordless drill replaces the need for most screwdrivers and saves you a lot of time when attaching materials together. With these power tools for sale, you can do everything from drilling holes and attaching screws.

cordless drill

Woodworking tools

Any avid DIY’er will eventually encounter a woodworking project. The woodworking can either be a daunting task, or a chance to play! Either way, you can feel prepared with a few of these essential woodworking tools.

A hacksaw is a hand tool used to cut primarily wood, but a nice, sharp blade has the capacity to cut through metal and plastic too.

woodworking tools for sale

A Claw hammer is such a basic tool, yet many DIY’ers are caught without one in their toolboxes! A claw hammer is simple yet versatile because the flat front end will pound down nails, and the other side can pull nails out, correcting any mistaken or broken nails you may come across.

Do you love taking on woodworking projects? Check out the great deals on woodworking tools for sale on Junk Mail and start your project today!

Reputable power tool brands in SA

As with any item on the market, there are some top brands that are heavy hitters amongst hobbyists and professionals alike for any DIY project.

Bosch Power Tools

Bosch power tools deliver professional grade performance, yet are stable enough for the average user.

bosh power tools

Bosch’s Orbital Finishing Sander has a 2.0amp motor giving you 12,000 oscillations per minute for a smooth finish on a wide range of surfaces. Its design is ergonomic to fit nicely in the hand and has a long-lasting battery life for continued use for years of fun and rewarding DIY projects.

Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi power tools are made to bring you affordable yet strong power tools for homeowners everywhere.

ryobi power tools

Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ Compact Drill/Driver is a cordless drill that fits a full-sized power drill in a transportable, compact form. With Lithium-ion batteries, a charge time of 1 hour keeps you going and more of your projects being completed.

Black and Decker Power Tools

Black and Decker has a long history of providing quality, durable power tools and has developed a reputation of quality that makes Black and Decker power tools a powerful name in the industry.

black and decker power tools

Black and Decker’s circular saws are made for ease and precision. Some are even equipped with a laser cut line guide to ensure that you are making the most precise cut so that your whole project comes out with the highest quality.

Makita Power Tools

Makita Power Tools is one the largest brands in South Africa. Makita’s 115mm Angle Grinder is a high-performance tool built with safety features and ease in mind. An easy handle grip and a shaft lock help this tool to be as easy to use as possible so you can focus on your challenging projects instead.

makita power tools

A DIY Project to take your tools for a spin

Now that you understand the essential power tools to have in your DIY toolbox, let’s put them to use with a cool simple DIY Charging Station project!

diy charging station project

Image Source: Black and Decker Website.

  • Using a jigsaw, cut your wood into 4 pieces to form a box.
  • With a cordless drill, cut a hole big enough for a cord in the bottom piece of wood.
  • Using wood glue and a cordless drill, assemble the box.
  • Cut out a top cover piece and drill two or three holes into the top piece with the versatile jigsaw.
  • Use a sander to sand down the corners of the box so that they are smooth.
  • Place a power strip at the bottom of the box with the cord leading to the outlet passing through the one hole in the bottom.
  • Plug in and string the charger through any one hole in the top piece and connect to your device. Your devices can now sit between the holes while the messy cords and plugs are out of sight!

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7 Power tools every DIY lover should own
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7 Power tools every DIY lover should own
With tons of fun, challenging and creative DIY projects waiting out there, it’s time to find some quality power tools for sale on Junk Mail.
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