8 hot tips for buying holiday timeshares

Everyone deserves a relaxing holiday. Take a break from your busy life by finding a timeshare for sale or rent. Timeshares allow you to get away from it all even if you are on a budget. Whether you want to spend a weekend by the beach or explore inland resorts, there are plenty of places to choose from. With a wide range of accommodation options there are timeshare options which are tailored to suit you and your family. Remember, you can find great deals on timeshares for rent and for sale on Junk Mail.

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What are Timeshares and how does it work?

Timeshare is the collective ownership of holiday accommodation. This means that you will share both the use and the cost of a holiday property with other people. When you purchase a time share, you will generally get use of the property for a week during the year. This is a great option if you like to take your annual holiday on the same date every year. You can rest easy knowing that the accommodation for your holiday is reserved without the risk of somebody else booking it.

If you prefer a flexible option, you can opt for points based timeshares. This way you can exchange points for accommodation at specified establishments. Not only does this give you flexibility on where you stay, it also allows you to decide when to go on holiday.

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The disadvantage of a points based time share is that you need to book in advance to ensure that you get your first choice of accommodation. While having to book in advance can be restrictive, there are great last-minute deals if you are flexible about where you want to go on holiday. You may even have the option of renting out your local timeshare and exchanging its value for accommodation overseas.

There are often additional exchange fees associated with these overseas options so check what deal your package offers before deciding on this option.

Top Tips when it comes to Timeshares

If you are looking for timeshare for sale, it is important to do research first.

Typically timeshares require you to pay a once off fee which usually offers you use of the specific accommodation on a specific date every year. The cost depends on the type of accommodation, the specific establishment as well as the dates that you are purchasing. Popular resorts can come with high price tags. If you want to purchase a week of holiday accommodation during peak season, you will also pay more.

If you want to cut costs, it is advisable to buy outside of the school holidays. Different areas attract holiday makers during different seasons. If everyone flocks to the beach resorts during summer, why not pick a different holiday destination to avoid the crowds and cut costs?

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You will also need to review the needs of your family when you are buying timeshare. How many adults and children make up your family? Do you usually go on holiday with your extended family or friends? The number of people that you usually travel with will influence what type of time share you buy.

Families will have different accommodation requirements to young couples. If you have young children, choosing resorts which have facilities and activities is a good option.

Before you commit to buying timeshares read the contract carefully. Make sure that you are aware of your financial responsibilities and review the clauses. Don’t forget to check what other costs come with your selected option. Most timeshare incurs an annual levy and it is important to budget for this amount. It is advisable to ask a lawyer to review the contract before you sign it.

The Option of Timeshares for rent

If you don’t want to buy, you can find timeshares for rent. This option allows you to save money on your holiday without being bound to the costs of timeshare every year. If you can’t afford to buy, renting is a good option.

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Timeshares for rent can be found at a variety of locations across South Africa. You may choose to spend a weekend away in the Drakensberg or to head to a game reserve for a holiday. From short stays to longer accommodation options, there is plenty of choice when you are renting.

Now that you know more about timeshares, you can search online for great deals. If you are ready to find great deals on a timeshare for sale, visit www.JunkMail.co.za today and find the holiday of your dreams at an affordable cost. Renting or selling your time share? Place your FREE AD today!

8 hot tips for buying holiday timeshares
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8 hot tips for buying holiday timeshares
Timeshares allow you to get away from it all even if you are on a budget. Take a break from your busy life by finding a timeshare for sale or rent.
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