8 tips for hiring a furniture removal company


Moving house can be a stressful event, especially if you don’t have a furniture removal company you can rely on. You can be overcharged, your furniture damaged, or not delivered on time or where it’s supposed to be.

Here are 10 valuable tips for choosing a furniture removal company:


1. Do some research
Don’t just use the first furniture remover you come across. Do some research on various furniture removal companies in your area. The Internet is your best friend here. Check out the company’s website, phone up references, speak to friends and family, and check out complaints websites like www.hellopeter.com to see what the general attitude is towards a specific furniture mover.

2. Get more than one quote
Moving house can be quite an expensive business. Don’t just take the first quote you get. Shop around, and make sure you will be getting the best deal and the most for your money. Also make sure whether the quote is binding or non-binding, to avoid some unexpected charges at a later stage.

3. Communicate
Make sure the mover is aware of everything that will have to be removed, as well as the circumstances of the move. Any furniture that was not included in your original quote or special moving arrangements, will be added to your bill and increase it drastically.

4. Be insured
Your normal home insurance will most likely not cover your belongings when it is moved and either damaged or stolen. For peace of mind, get movers insurance, either from a third party or the furniture removal company. Shop around for the best deal.

5. Keep an eye on the contract
You should be issued a “bill of lading”, a contract between the customer and client. This contract should include the name and address of the mover, acceptable payment methods, pickup time, minimum and maximum amounts to pay and other vital details of the move. Make sure you understand everything on this contract, and that you have a signed copy. This is your legal protection as a customer in the event that something goes wrong.

6. Ask questions
If you are unsure about anything surrounding the contract or the move, ask beforehand. It’s important that you have peace of mind throughout the move. If something seems suspect to you, find out all you can. Don’t sign anything before you are 100% sure you can entrust your belongings to that particular company.

7. Don’t change your date
Make sure you are ready to move everything on the date that was arranged with the mover to avoid incurring extra, unnecessary storage costs and admin hassles.

8. Check your inventory
Once your move has been delivered to your new home, double check that everything is there, and nothing has been damaged or stolen. Once you’ve signed the delivery bill, you’ve accepted that everything has been delivered, and don’t have anything to stand on if you discover afterwards that some items are missing.

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4 Responses

  1. June says:

    The objective of these work involves comprehensive planning with your removal guy to devise a system of removal that follows the timetable of your property creating the least amount of disruption to the daily flow of business.

  2. Jenna Hunter says:

    I appreciate your advice on getting more than one quote when finding a moving company, especially if you have large or fragile furniture that might take more extensive removal. My husband and I tried to move our piano and china hutch by ourselves last time we moved and ended up dropping the piano so that it made a dent in the hardwood floor of the new house. It seems like it would be a much better idea to get professionals to move our furniture for us next time, and to shop around for the best deal with quality work.

  3. Benjamin Andrews says:

    I found it interesting that you suggest getting more than one quote before picking one company. My brother and his wife are moving to a new city this summer and want to get all of their furniture moved over there. I will send this information over to them so they can start looking for a removalist to help them out.

  4. Vivian Black says:

    It’s great that you elaborated on making sure that you have movers insurance when looking to move. I got a new job offer and have to move about 30 minutes away. I will make sure that I use these tips when I hire the best professional.

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