9 awesome new features on the iOS 8 camera

Apple recently launched its brand new operating system, iOS 8, and with it comes a lot of new features that make your device so much more user-friendly.


The camera, for one, has 9 awesome new features that could make anyone look like a professional photographer…

Here are the new features on the iOS 8 camera:

  1. Permanent backup – Every photo and video you take is stored forever in the cloud
  2. Exposure control – Slide your finger up and down to set the exposure
  3. Photo editing – Crop, straighten, rotate, adjust light and colour of your photos
  4. Camera timer – Set a 3- or 10-second delay
  5. Time-lapse video – Make stop-action movies
  6. Burst mode – This feature is now available on older iPhones
  7. Panorama – This feature is now available on your iPad
  8. PhotoKit – Developers now get nondestructive edits, read-and-write access
  9. Credit card scanner – A new feature you can do from iOS 8’s Safari browser

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