9 Smart Energy-Saving Tips for your Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers consume electricity big-time. Not only are they costly to run, but they contribute to the country’s general electricity strain. Energy consumption has risen in winter with every tumble dryer going constantly to dry wet clothes and warm up cold ones. If you are using an old machine which is in bad condition consider buying a newer Defy tumble dryer. Another option is to find a LG tumble dryer that is in good condition. You can sell your old model or find a Tumble dryer for sale on Junk Mail.

Do your part and save on the electricity your tumble dryer is using. Take a look at our top tips on how to reduce energy consumption when you are using your tumble dryer.

1. Pick the Right Tumble Dryer

Finding an energy efficient tumble dryer for sale will help to reduce your energy consumption and reduce the monthly running costs of your home. Tumble driers can use large amounts of electricity. However the innovative design of newer models has resulted in the production of energy saving alternatives. The optimum models on the current market use a heat pump condenser. Depending on the type of tumble dryer you buy, heat pumps can save you up to 50 % of the energy which older models use. Take a look at a Samsung tumble dryer to find a cost effective option.


2. Load the Tumble Dryer to its Maximum Capacity

Tumble drying small loads wastes electricity. It is advisable to try and put the maximum amount of clothes in the machine each time you use the dryer. If there are certain items that you know will need to be tumble dried, try and wash them together so that you can put them straight into the tumble dryer afterwards.


3. Use a High Spin Wash

Set your washing machine onto a high spin wash to ensure that moisture is removed from the clothes. If your clothes are not very wet when they are placed into the tumble drier it will help to reduce drying time and save energy.


4. Maintain your Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryers which are not well maintained can guzzle up energy. It is important to remove lint from the filter after each use. If the lint filter is not clean it can stop hot air from passing through freely which in turn decreases the efficacy of the machine.


5. Maximise Natural Drying Opportunities

When the weather conditions are good maximise on this opportunity to reduce your energy consumption. Wash your clothes when the weather is sunny and hang the clothes outside to dry. Check the weather report and try to schedule your big washing days during favourable weather conditions.


6. Prevent Tangled Clothes in the tumble dryer

If your clothes are tangled they will take longer to dry. Fasten the ends of your duvet cover to prevent smaller pieces of clothing from being trapped inside. Clothes that are inside the duvet will take a lot longer to dry and consequently they contribute to energy wastage. Another tip is to untangle your clothes before you load the tumble dryer. Loose clothes dry faster than clothes that have become tangled together.


7. Buy Items Made from Lighter Materials

Whether you are buying new clothes or household accessories, you can benefit from selecting items which are made from lighter fabrics. Heavier cottons require more space in the machine and require more time to dry. If you buy towels made from lighter fabrics you may be able to add them to the dryer with other items rather than having to dry them separately.


8. Decrease your washing loads

A fantastic way to decrease your washing is to wear clothes again if they are not dirty. If you wore a pair of jeans for a few hours to go shopping, don’t put them into the washing basket. Similarly, don’t wash towels after you have only used them once. This will reduce the time and energy that you spend on washing and drying.


9. Don’t Dry Your Clothes Longer than Necessary

Make sure that you set your dryer to a short drying cycle. Once the machine has stopped you can check if your clothes are dry and leave them in for longer if necessary. If you set your machine for a longer cycle they may use up unnecessary energy.
With so many ways to reduce energy consumption, you can do your part this winter to decrease energy consumption. With the current power shortages, this is an especially pertinent issue in South Africa. If you find the right tumble dryer for sale this is the first step in saving electricity. Once you have installed your machine in a well-ventilated area make sure that you follow energy efficient procedures to dry your clothes.


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