A Breakdown of Junk Mail Newsletters

Most of you are probably aware that there are various Junk Mail Newsletters that go out to all subscribed users to inform them of website changes, to give the users “how-to” information and to notify them of Bargains, To Swop ads and Item Wanted ads.

The “Bargains” Newsletter: 

The “Bargains Update” newsletter is sent every Wednesday and contains up to 30 bargain ads for regions covering the whole of South Africa.

The “Bargains Update” is available in both web and mobile form giving everyone access to the bargains regardless of what device or browser is used.  It also has Social Media integration allowing the reader to share the bargains on their favourite Social Media channels.

The “To Swop” Newsletter:

The “To Swop” newsletter is sent every second Friday (in turn with the “Items Wanted” newsletter) and contains 16 To Swop adverts from across South Africa.  It is also available in both web and mobile format.

Subscribers love this e-mail as swopping entails no monetary exchange which makes it a very safe transaction.  “If you have what they want and you want what they have…then simply just Swop It”.  The e-mail also supports Social Media sharing which makes it easy if you want to notify your friends on your social networks.

The “Items Wanted” Newsletter:

When someone can’t find what they are looking for via search or email alerts they place “Item Wanted” ads.  This newsletter goes out every second Friday (in turn with the “To Swop” newsletter).  If you have the item the ad placer is looking for and you are willing to part with it you are almost guaranteed of a sale.

The “Items Wanted” newsletter contains 16 Item Wanted ads from across South Africa and subscribers love it because of the almost guaranteed sale they might be able to generate from it.  It is also available in both web and mobile format and has Social Media integration.

If you want to subscribe to these newsletters you can simply email the Junk Mail Webmaster at webmaster@junkmail.co.za requesting to be added to the list of subscribers.  You can do the same if you want to unsubscribe.

There is a “one-click” way of unsubscribing on every single newsletter that will remove you form the list of subscribers if you wish to no longer receive them.  Simply click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom / footer of any of these emails to unsubscribe.

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