A Christmas Poem for the 2010 Festive Season

Christmas is around the corner, and Junk Mail has already begun decorating the tree, writing recipes and giving some advice on gifts. It’s also a great time to share pleasant messages and poems. Poems really capture the essence of a time, making it a timeless memento of sorts.

We have had many of our staff write poems that borrow from the true spirit of Christmas. We have included one of these to get you started on your very own poem writing. This also makes a great gift, roll up some vintage paper that contains a poem, and make it a priceless gift this Christmas.

Christmas, Christmas, what cheer you spread,

 On the gentle nights, with twinkling lights.

Reindeer’s everywhere thumping clouds,

Shouting our names with earnest fame.

Christmas, Christmas, what will I do?

When you go away for another year, that feels like two.

Making me wish upon a star, that you will always not be far. 

Feedback is appreciated and welcome on the Junk Mail blog. Please comment on this post if you’d like share your opinion about this poem with our readers. If you have a short poem you’d like to share with everyone you are welcome to include it in your comment.

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