A New Way to share Junk Mail / CapeAds adverts on Facebook

A few days ago we explained how to use the “Add This” button to share your Junk Mail / CapeAds adverts on Facebook. This option has become so popular that the Junk Mail team has decided to make it easier for users to share their adverts on Facebook!

Users will now be able to share adverts by making use the Facebook share button on the Junk Mail website!

Follow these 3 easy steps to share an advert with this option

  • Find the advert that you want to share and click on it. The Advert details will come up. 
  • Click on the Facebook Share Icon below the advert details to share the advert on Facebook.
  • A Facebook window will open up in a new tab / window in your browser. Log in to Facebook (if you’re not logged in already) and click on the share button in the tab / window. Once you’ve done this the tab / window will close.
  • The Facebook Share button will indicate that the advert has been shared and also count the amount of times someone has shared the advert on Facebook

This video explains how to share an advert on the Junk Mail website via the Facebook share button:

The Facebook Share button has also been added to the Advert confirmation pages. This means that you are now able to share your advert on Facebook immediately after you’re submitted it via the Junk Mail website!

This is a very easy way to let your family and friends know that you are advertising something at Junk Mail! If you tell them on Facebook you could sell your item faster! Sharing your advert on Facebook will give your advert exposure to all your friends on Facebook! If you share your advert on Facebook it appears on your Facebook profile and on all your Facebook friends’ News Feeds!

This is also an easy way to let your friends and family know about an interesting advert you’ve seen on Junk Mail!

This video explains how to share your advert via the Facebook share button on the advert confirmation page:

Feedback on this post is appreciated. If you have any queries about the Facebook Share button please e-mail us @ hennok@junkmail.co.za

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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