A Nursery checklist for new mommies and daddies

Starting a new family and welcoming a new bundle of joy to your home is not only an exciting time for new mommies and daddies, but it can be a stressful one as well. Today the Junk Mail team tackles the nursery furniture issue, helping you with a list of all the essentials. From baby cots for sale to baby monitors, we cover it all.

This comprehensive checklist helps with everything you need to setup your nursery at home. While many aspects seem vitally important, there are a few key items, and areas that need to be covered, while many items can be bought once the baby arrives and you have settled in.

baby nursery

So just what are those essential items? The essentials include a range of baby furniture, monitors, baby bedding, feeding chairs and much more, all of which will make the arrival that much smoother and ensure your peace of mind.

Awesome nursery furniture

Possibly the most important features in a nursery is the range of nursery furniture which includes everything from baby cots to cribs and cradles. You can choose from a range of cribs, cradles and baby cots for sale that are ideal for you and your growing family.

baby furniture

The Stokke Home cradle is a cosy and calming environment for your baby, it’s light, soft and thanks to its size, means it can fit into any nursery, you can also move it around to suit you and your baby’s sleeping patterns, making it an awesome piece of baby furniture.

The Stokke Home bed is not just that, it is a bed, playhouse and changing station, an all-in-one unit. This makes it versatile and allows for years of use, due to its many features and options. The bed and changing station are comfortable and offer an easy way to manage a range of everyday day tasks, while the playhouse is great for as the baby grows and begins to play and explore more.

The bed goes for around R9,898.00 and the cradle R4,999.00. These baby cots range in price, functionality and options, meaning whatever your needs, you can choose the best cot out there.

Looking for more cot ideas? Read our ‘5 Modern and super versatile baby cots’ post…

Choosing the right Baby Bedding

Baby furniture is not the only thing that plays an important part in getting your nursery ready. You’ll need a variety of baby bedding on hand for the nursery, from waterproof mattress covers, to a host of linen options, they’ll be useful for any and every situation.

All baby bedding should be light, comfortable, warm and unrestrictive. You can choose from blankets and a range of options for every season, from summer to winter, to ensure your baby is always content.

baby bedding for the nursery

It ranges in price according to your needs but there is always an option for every budget.

Buying a baby changing station

One of the most essential items when it comes to nursery furniture is without a doubt the changing table, or changing station. These can range from standalone offerings to changers and stations that can be attached to a range of surfaces, to suit your home, space and nursery.

When choosing a baby compactum or baby changing station, be sure to find one that offers extra storage space for items like diapers, baby supplies and maybe even some clothing items.

changing table

The Stokke changer is a changing station that can be attached to a range of surfaces – from the cradle, bed to the dresser, it features a padded mattress as well as a storage option for all your essentials.

The home dresser storage is another useful item and ties in with the changing stations, allowing you to change your newborn and easily be in reach. The changer goes for around R2,999.00

Don’t forget the baby monitors

Though you might have been focussed on finding that fairy tale baby cot, you need to think digital and find baby monitors that will last. Baby monitors are vital to any nursery, it is a set up with two monitors that allow you to keep and eye on your baby while they sleep, all from the comfort of any room in your home. They are ideal for keeping track of movement, if they are sick or if any diaper changes are needed.
You can find a host of baby monitors for sale, with top brands being Angelcare and Motorola, each having their own unique baby monitoring options.

baby monitors

The Angelcare Digital Sound and Movement baby monitors are sound monitors that are capable of not only monitoring small movements, but your child’s breathing as well. It has an alarm that sounds if there is a pause of over 20 seconds and helps you get a good night’s rest.

The Angelcare baby monitor goes for around R 2.299.00 and is portable. This monitor’s features include an LCD touch, a 2 way talking feature, as well as night light. The monitor has both out-of-range and low battery indicators, ensuring that you’ll always know what’s happening, no matter where you are.

The Motorola iNanny Digital Video Monitor is both an audio and video monitor that allows you to keep track of your newborn day and night. The LCD screen allows for colour as well as black and white video, meaning it is ideal for all hours of the day.

These baby monitors are portable and features high quality video and audio feeds to allow you to keep track of all nursery movements. If you are interested in these baby monitors for sale, you can expect to pay around R 1,250.00.

Feeding chair and rocking chair

When choosing your nursery and baby furniture, you will also have to take a closer look at feeding and rocking chairs. Feeding chairs are stunning pieces of nursery furniture which offer a great spot to sit down, relax and feed your baby. A rocking chair is ideal for newborns while a feeding chair is perfect for all those from around 6 months and up.

feeding chairs

The Chelino Angel 2-in-1 High Chair is a feeding chair ideal for a range of babies and age groups, any baby from 6 months and up can use the chair. It offers two-in-one functionality, which means you can choose the seating option that best suits you and your baby’s needs.

It features safety harness, padded seat and removable tray, making it safe and secure for feeding time. The Chelino Angel 2-in-1 High Chair goes for around R1,299.00.

Rocking chairs range in style, price and functionality, it depends on what your needs are. An ideal chair will be roomy and comfortable, padded for maximum comfort as you’ll be spending many hours feeding.

Rocking chairs for sale range in price according to materials they are made from, as well as features and options that are available.

Other Important Items

While your nursery will be all prepped and ready for the exciting arrival thanks to the comprehensive list and options out there, here are a few other handy tips for new mommies, in terms of preparing for the baby’s arrival at home too.

These include a sleeping bag, portable cot, a nappy changing bag, extra supplies, beanies and gloves as well as a sunshade for the car. All are hugely helpful items to prepare your car and your home for the imminent arrival.

Getting your nursery furniture and supplies list ready for your new addition? From baby cots for sale to changing stations and baby monitors, Junk Mail is a great place to shop for affordable baby furniture and accessories. Has your child outgrown their furniture? Place your free ad on Junk Mail and sell fast!

A Nursery checklist for new mommies and daddies
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A Nursery checklist for new mommies and daddies
The Junk Mail team tackles the nursery furniture issue, helping you with a list of all the essentials. From baby cots to baby monitors, we cover it all.
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