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Almost everyone has a TV, some have more than one. In the past, TV’s were designed in their own stands, but modern standalone TV units now require somewhere to be placed, thus TV stands were born. Sourcing good quality TV stands for sale can be quite tricky as there are just so many of them on the market. Not all Modern TV stands are created equal so let us help you decide on the right one for you.


Different types of TV stands designs

There are so many different modern TV stands for sale. There is one for every room and one for every need. They can be broken down into a few different types.

Platform TV Stand

Your platform stands are the ones that seem to make the television float in the air. This is just a platform with nothing attached to the structure of the platform. These kinds of modern TV stands are perfect for those that want a minimalist look. Some do have shelves for storing various things like DVD players, but they are still airy and minimalistic. These are also ideal as plasma TV stands for those, older, extra width plasma TVs.


Cantilever TV Stand

This type of TV stand is essentially a wall mount that rests on the floor instead of the wall. Here you have a flat base with a central spine that the TV is bolted to using a bracket. You will have some storage below the spine of the stand for other entertainment devices to be added.

The main advantage these TV stands designs is their stability. As the screen is attached to the stand, these is no risk of knocking it off or bumping the TV to the ground. You have the look of a wall mount but with added mobility, and the fact that you don’t have to drill into your wall.


Hideaway TV Stand

These are perfect for those that don’t watch TV every day or those that don’t want to see the TV when it’s off. A Hideaway TV stand is a motorized stand that recedes back into the wall at the push of a button and conceals the television. Unfortunately, these kinds of TV stands are very expensive and they can take up a lot of space if not designed into the room correctly.


Corner TV Stand

If you have limited space and a small TV, then this is the answer. These stands are designed to fit into a space that is not normally used, the corner. You can maximize your space without knocking down walls to do it.


Entertainment Center

This is the opposite of the corner TV stands designs in the sense that this stand is meant to take up a large portion of space. An entertainment center becomes the center of the room, they are big and can hold a variety of entertainment devices and ornaments. They are designed to house all your entertainment in one place. Everything from a DVD/ Blu-ray player, sound systems and DVD or CDs that you want to display or have easy access to.


Picking the Right TV Stand

TV stands are about as common and varied as the TVs they display. There are a few things to take into account when buying one. You should start off with the TV that you have. A very large Television will need a very large TV stand. Their weight is also a factor, if your TV is heavy then you will need to buy a stand that can support it easily.


Once you know how big or small the stand must be, consider the size of the room. How much space is available and what is the style that you would like to capture? You can’t put a massive entertainment Center into a tiny room, for example. Likewise, you don’t want a miniscule stand sitting in the middle of a huge room. Then you need to choose what material you would like. Do you want a glass stand or maybe you are trying to find plasma TV stands made from wood.


Create your own modern TV stands

If you don’t really have the money to invest in TV stands for sale then it will probably be easier for you to make your own TV stands. All you really need is a sturdy platform with some space underneath the TV surface for storage and enough height to comfortably watch television on. This means that you can make a TV stand out of almost anything. Some great items to use are dressing tables, big side tables, old book shelves and even an old desk.

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