Adopt a pet and make a forever-friend

Thinking of adding a fury member to your family? Then it is time to consider adoption. When you adopt a pet rather than buying, you are not only helping some beautiful animals in need of a safe and loving home, but also the people caring for them.

Today, in honour of all the cats, dogs, kittens and puppies up for adoption in South Africa, we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of adopting instead of buying as well as how pet adoption works.

adopt a pet instead of buying

PLEASE remember that, whether you choose to buy or adopt, the decision to own a pet should be made only when you are fully committed. At the end of the day, our pets are defenceless against the elements, outside threats. They need a parent that will always make the right decisions, care for them and put their pet’s needs above their own.

Reasons you should adopt a pet

Though many of us do not need much of a reason to rush to our nearest animal shelter and adopt a dog or a cat, there are some great reasons – aside from you making a fluffy new friend – for doing so as well.

Adopting an animal means that you are giving that animal a chance at a second, much better life. Some of the animals up for adoption have suffered more than this writer’s heart can bare to think, with kittens and puppies for adoption most likely abandoned next to a road and in some cases in even worse conditions.

Taking one of these beautiful creatures into your home will mean a commitment from your side, but also keep in mind that every animal rescued and taken to a new home, makes space for another abandoned animal in need of rescuing.

adopt a dog

Though adoption fees are involved – and for excellent reasons discussed a little later on – there is no doubt that you will save money at the end of the day compared to buying a pup. Because procedures like deworming and sterilisation are done for these animals, it is not something you need to visit the vet for.

By opting to adopt a dog, you are slowly helping to put an end to puppy mills. Puppy mills are horrible ‘establishments’ engaged in breeding puppies purely to make money. Animals here live in horrid conditions with no regard taken to their health, wellbeing and safety. Unfortunately puppy mills are a thing both locally and across the globe, and by adopting rather than buying, you are doing your part to help put these ‘establishments’ out of business.

Please remember that we by no way mean that every breeder offering puppies are engaged in these practices. There are tons on loving breeders out there. But, when you are looking around for puppies and you come across some dodgy breeders, it is extremely important to let the authorities know.

Though this might be one of the sadder reasons for adopting, there is a large selection of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens for adoption to choose from. From the smallest cats to the biggest dogs, you are sure to find an animal that will fit right into your home.

puppies and kittens for adoption

Opting to adopt a pet rather than buy will help with the overpopulation of domestic animals. Pets up for adoption are sterilised, which means that not only will your pet not contribute to a growing problem, but you will be taking support away from places such as puppy mills who, unlike the good breeders out there, genuinely do not care who takes the pups and where they end up.

When you opt to adopt an older animal, you will find in many cases that they are already housetrained. Taking a bit of extra responsibility off your plate, always keep in mind that, while kittens and puppies are super cute and extremely hard to resist, there are older animals too. These older animals need just as much love than pups and kittens, and have just as much love to give as well.

Always remember that, when you adopt, you are adopting an animal that has received good medical care. These animals’ wounds are taken care of, they are groomed and they have received necessary injections and care. Shelters take really good care of their fury guests.

Why adopting a pet isn’t free

This is something that do indeed bother a lot of people. Adoption fees are there for a reason and, taking a closer look at the care rescue animals receive, it will start to make more sense.

With adoption fees starting at around R 600, knowing the care your adoptee has received, you might even wonder why fees aren’t higher.

The SPCA for example asks for a non-refundable R 100 deposit when you start the adoption process. This is included in the total adoption fee – R 700 for dogs and R 600 for cats.

The pet you take home at the end of the day has received a free first vaccination, has been sterilised (a rather costly procedure on its own), has been dewormed and receives an ID disc. At the SPCA you can also opt for an identification microchip that totals in R 250.

spca south africa

When adopting, the SPCA also take great care. Apart from the application process, a home visit is also done.

CatzRUs SA is a shelter with loads of cats and kittens for adoption. All of these beautiful creatures need a home. The adoption fee at CatzRUs is R 750 and includes a microchip, sterilisation, deworming and two vaccinations, one of which includes rabies.

There are tons of animal rescue centres across South Africa, so finding a pet that matches your personality and home is not a difficult task at all. Some animal shelters where you can adopt a pet include:

If you know of great animal shelters in South Africa, please feel free to leave their information in the comment section below.

If you cannot adopt, all animal shelters are in need of help. Donations – be it in the form of money or cat and dog food – your time and even your services are always needed. Just because you cannot give an animal a beautiful home, doesn’t mean that you can’t be part of the change.

catz r us

Image Source: Catz R Us Facebook Page.

Volunteering and donations play a big role in the existence of these shelters, so your help and donations are always, always needed and welcomed.

Ready to adopt a dog? Get your home ready for your new family member by checking out our “All the pet accessories you need for a new puppy” post on the blog. Don’t forget to check out our Pets Blog Tag for great tips and advice.

Did you know you can adopt a pet on Junk Mail? There are many advertisers on Junk Mail that offer beautiful animals in need of a new, loving home. CatzRUs recently joined the team and features gorgeous, loving animals in need of a home. Go and check them out.

Adopt a pet and make a forever-friend
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Adopt a pet and make a forever-friend
When you adopt a pet rather than buying, you are not only helping beautiful animals in need of a safe and loving home, but also the people caring for them.
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