Ads not allowed

Junk Mail exists to bring buyers and sellers together in a safe, easy environment. In order to do that, every ad on Junk Mail is subjected to the following “ads not allowed” rules:

  1. Ads seeking or offering children for adoption
  2. Ads seeking or offering organs for transplantation
  3. Ads seeking or offering surrogate motherhood
  4. Ads seeking or offering sperm or ova
  5. Prescription medication
  6. Automatic weapons and explosives
  7. No foul language, defamatory comments, racism, sexism, or derogatory labels
  8. References to other publications (remove reference only)
  9. Copied media (pirated products): software, games, movies, music, etc. (Often called “ISO …” or “Backup …”)
  10. Services offered to “chip” gaming consoles (enabling them to play copied media). Includes the sale of gaming consoles that are being advertised as “chipped / altered to play copied media”
  11. Abortion services adverts
  12. Certain work from home ads. (see attached addendum A) – conditional. Only work from home ads that state the company name, and where you will be selling an actual product from home, will be allowed. E.g. Avon. These ads can be placed as free online only ads, or as paid ads in print through Job Mail. All “work from home” ads that are non-descript “sending of e-mails” or data entry online will not be allowed. Not to be placed by call centre or canvassing agents
  13. All ads offering financial services. Small loans, get out of debt, blacklisted etc. These are print trade ads only and are all paid commercial ads (reject and refer to inbound commercial – Tina x2100) not to be placed by call centre or canvassing agents
  14. Underwear adverts and private sales adult DVD’s / books etc. Beware pictures and language used (no models).  To be referred to Tina x2100 not to be placed by call centre or canvassing agents
  15. Adult: DVD’s, books, movies, etc. ALL adult content ads (including business opp. / business for sale) has to be rejected as commercial and referred to Tina x2100 not to be placed by call centre or canvassing agents
  16. Ads referring to member enlargements and bust enhancements still need to be rejected as commercial, and referred to Tina x2100 for a quote. not to be placed by call centre or canvassing agents
  17. Medical / healing claims and alternative medicine (e.g. spiritual healers, astrologists, crystal therapists, Sangomas acupuncture etc.).
  18. Trader Fireworks allowed, but not private firework sales.
  19. Political and religious advertisement
  20. Exploding or fragmenting ammunition, normal ammunition like hunting ammunition is allowed though
  21. Ads offering pets for adoption  – usually scams. But give aways are allowed.

Illegal Pets that are Not Allowed:

  1. Gaboon Viper as it is illegal to own
  2. Black-capped Capuchin Monkey (Cebus apella) in KZN requires a possession permit with specifications as to how the animal may be kept and transported
  3. Red Eared Terrapin is a prohibited species in Gauteng and Limpopo provinces
  4. OBT Tarantulas: They are illegal because they are 1 of the protected genera in the country (Pterinochilus) to protect them against over collecting and illegal trade
  5. “Game Dog” or a dog with the quality of “gameness” is not allowed as they are used for dog fighting

Other Pets Rules:

  1. Sale of any exotic animals without permits
  2. Docking puppies tails. The SPCA has issued a warrant against the tail docking of dogs, making the practice or sale of such puppies illegal
  3. No wild animals without permits, animals with permits are allowed if permit is stated
  4. Wolves, Timber Wolves, or any hybrids thereof
  5. Dingo’s or any hybrids thereof

Other Rules:

*All free ads for print must state the price in numbers where “for sale”.

**Telephone number is also compulsory.

  1. If client is advertising more than one of the same item. E.g. 4 x cell phones, 4 x bags of wood, 4 x bags of dog food, they may still advertise for free. As long as the total does not exceed more than 4 of the same item. Ads exceeding this rule can appear online only as TRADE ads
  2. Ads for items to swop may be placed with either one item to swop for another specified item. Or, clients may offer an item to swop and give a value for any other item to swop for
  3. Clients may advertise “can send/email/MMS pictures”
  4. E-mail and Web addresses are allowed if not referring to another advertising publication or website
  5. The price advertised, is the price you will pay
  6. No web addresses allowed in titles
  7. All property ads are free in print and online (paid options are optional). This includes communes advertising rooms to let. There is no limit to the amount of rooms available. Clients may also state that it is a commune
  8. Property ads must specify the suburb where property is available
  9. Businesses for sale: must give area
  10. Business property to let can be placed as free ad in print and online (paid options are optional). Ad should still state where the property is available
  11. On offer & To swop items must be in same ad, not separate ads
  12. Property to rent & on offer must be separate ads because the category will be different
  13. Tickets to any sporting event or concert may be placed as free ad in print if no more than 4 separate ads, otherwise it’s trade. Each ad may for example have 10 tickets of more
  14. Motor Mail spares & Farming equipment spares can be placed with a “from…” price. Specified spares may each reflect their own price
  15. Tuition & Courses: Give-away starter kits may be placed as private free ads. Course packages for sales will fall under the trade rules