Aggregator sites: What to hate and what to love

An Aggregator site is a site that takes content from other sites to display as their own. Some Aggregator sites only collect information from a specific website or they collect things that are specific to their user’s needs. If you place and ad on Junk Mail, Job Mail there is a big chance that your ad content will be taken (by scraping) and displayed on an Aggregator site. There are some positives and negatives to this which you as the advertiser or user should be aware of.

Content Aggregation

What to Love about Aggregator sites

  • If your ad appears on any Aggregator site it increases your exposure. It’s like when your ad appears in Google, the more exposure the bigger the chance that someone will find it.
  • It’s almost like placing your ad on multiple sites, but you only have to do it once on our site.
  • It’s Free! You will not get charged any money for your ad to appear on aggregation sites.

What to Hate about Aggregator sites

  • Aggregator sites don’t always remove content as quickly as they should. Your item might have already been sold and the ad might still appear on a few Aggregator sites which means you might still get phone calls or emails about items you have already sold or vacancies that have already been filled. You might have removed your ad from Junk Mail or Job Mail, but it might still appear on an Aggregator site somewhere on the internet and that is out of our control.
  • The process used to get your ad information from one site to the Aggregator site is automated through a process called “scraping”. During scraping the information might not be perfectly reproduced on the Aggregator site.  They might display the wrong Company details for a specific job ad or mix up contact details on classified ads.

We have received complaints from users about this and we have in turn contacted the Aggregator sites to correct the wrongs, but if you want your ad to be removed from any Aggregator site; the best thing would be to contact them directly. Below you’ll find the contact details for some of the most popular South African Aggregator sites.

Alternatively we will also contact any Aggregator on your behalf  if they duplicate one of your ads that you placed on our website. You can contact the Junk Mail webmaster on or the Job Mail webmaster on, or you can head over to the “Contact Us” page on Junk Mail and explain that your ad has been replicated on an Aggregator site and we will contact them on your behalf.

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